Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Sometimes little is better

A bit of light lure fishing for your viewing pleasure...

Light lure fishing
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Saturday, 6 October 2018


Last nights Chinese washed down with Thatchers Haze had made me feel like Mr Blobby but less excitable.  My mood wasn't lifted much when I opened the curtains to find a monochrome world smothered in heavy rain.

But I have to take every opportunity and I had a few hours.  So after the customary crying and shouting from my daughters my wife bundled them out and I was free to get some Predators...

My hopes were not that high with the rain falling I drove to the South Drain on the Shapwick end.

I chucked in a curly tail silver grub and almost immediately had some knocks.  But I couldn't keep the critters on the hook.  Must only be tiddlers.  This has been happening a lot recently.  Luckily I had a cunning plan.

I decided to step down the lures and had purchased some micro jigs.  I quickly attached a small Minnow esque lure.  It looked great in the water, fluttering and falling.  Incidentally the water was the clearest I have ever seen it.  The bottom was in full view.  Rudd could be seen flitting about.  I had no doubts that a Perch or two would be keen on this.

 My initial swim

Some nice autumnal colours

I wasn't wrong.  Bites came after about 10 minutes of flicking and twitching.  

Then the first proper bite came and the quick strike was met with resistance.  Hooray!

Already better than the last few attempts

Another cast and bam!  Another Perch.

Best fish in the water in my humble opinion.

Bites came, some were lost but plenty banked.

A big confidence boost!

Despite the bites coming i decided to move along a bit just to see if I could get anything a bit bigger.  Sadly in my haste I disturbed either a big Perch or Jack Pike as it shot off from the near bank.

I fished the near bank in only a couple of feet of water.  But Perch were plentiful, hiding amongst the underwater debris and once more I capitalised.

Baggin' up :-)

Before I knew it nearly 3 hours had passed.  Even heading back I caught a few.  Casually flicking in.  

It was one of those days when everything went right.  You feel almost invincible!  The day did live up to the title.  Predators - 25 of them in total! 

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Predator 2

Well the official Predator season is underway and people are happily posting up pictures of Pike and Perch all over Facebook.  Unfortunately I haven't managed to do the same.  Ive stolen an hour or two over this week in pursuit of anything toothy or spikey.

Ive done a bit of spinning and a bit of jigging.  All to no avail.  A few bites here and there is the best I could do.

My trip to Burtle lakes (for the 3rd time) appeared to be heading the same way.  I was a bit fed up to be honest!

Just before packing up, this enormous Perch snaffled the silver lure.

5lbs+ I reckon...

Despite the Perch being a bit bigger than a thimble I felt quite elated!  It hasnt been a good start to the Perch and Pike season and I was happy just to get off the mark!

The 3rd film in The Predator franchise is called 'Predators'.  Lets hope my next fishing trip can live up to that name...