Monday, 21 January 2019

Chill at Glastonbury

So I've been loitering u
nder a bridge for a few hours, throwing in bread and drowning worms.

Let me tell you that cold harbour is indeed very chilly.

This time I simply bunged on a single SSG and a size 14 hook and used my lure rod like a quiver. Bites were fast and furious but I struggled to actually connect with anything. After an hour a single Roach was all I could muster. Hmmm...

So I headed over to the South Drain and drowned some more worms at my favourite little bridge spot.

I was more successful here with a few smallish Perch but good fun all the same.

On Sunday I squeezed in an hour at Cold harbour and had 2 Chub and lost another 2. Unfortunately my action cam ran out of batteries so I ended up holding a 1lbs Chub up to a blank screen...

So worms and bread. Dead simple but fun all the same!

South Drain

It was only this morning I noticed a distinct smell on my jacket. Suffice to say it was near Glastonbury and I had been under a bridge. Now, plenty of herbs do grow in Somerset but I didn't want to carry the whiff of this particular species...

Cold Harbour is chilly and chilled at the same time it would seem.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019


So its been a pretty miserable start to 2019.It was a blank followed by... another blank.

Fortunately I ended this horrible run on Saturday.  Nothing earth shattering but loads and loads of bites.  Jigging a worm across the bottom of the River Brue.

Chub, Roach, Perch - they loved it and so did I :-)

Click the pic to see the video.  Its a bit long but I do catch some fish!

Sunday, 30 December 2018


So 2018 is drawing to a close.  Looking back over the year its been a good 2nd year back in the fishing game.  I have been really drawn to light lure fishing.  I love the lack of... stuff!

I had a small window of opportunity so headed to the North Drain at Ham Wall.  This stretch has become extremely popular of late and there were another 3 anglers pacing the bank already.

I went straight to my 'banking' spot.  I have always caught Perch here.

I often hang around under the bridge... Like a troll

With it being in the nature reserve you do get some questioning looks.  But the license lets you!

Ultra slow jigging was the way.  Although the Perch were a little slow to react.  Possibly because a bloody great Pike sloshed out of the water.  Silver fry spraying everywhere!  Even the people on the bridge gasped...

Nothing to exciting but kept me from blanking

Then I swapped to a slightly bigger roach lure.  Bam!  It was hit hard and fast.  My ultra light rod arched right over.  The adrenaline was pumping.  Where was the bloody net?  Behind me, folded up.  I reached back and got in a right mess unfolding it.  That cost me dear.  A second later the line went slack.  The hook had come out.


The Pike is without doubt my arch nemesis.  I've had a very poor record with them this season having caught 2 tiddlers and losing this one which was bigger.  I did see it roll on the surface and would estimate 3 or 4lbs.  Not big but I would have loved to have got it at the end of 2018.  Sadly it wasnt to be.

Perhaps 2019 will be kinder to me on the Pike front.  Have a good 'un.