Sunday, 29 January 2017

He's got Reel Issues

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It's been a fairly dismal few weeks. The best I have caught was 10 Sticklebacks.
Yesterday I managed a poor excuse for a Perch and an alright Roach. This was at Landsend Fishery. Great set of lakes. Definitely back when it warms up a touch.

It was time to sort things out. Lydford Mill pond. I have never blanked there.  Filled with hungry Chublets and the odd Roach, I was confident I could finish this bad spell.

A few casts in and a small Chublet was in the bag followed by a snag and then another snag which I couldnt get out of... Snap went the line.  I decided to pack up and move to the otherside of the millpond.  Where there are far fewer snags.

I fed in a handful of maggots with each cast.  Maggots on the hook.  Bites came a plenty and soon I was merrily catching chublets, missing plenty as well.

Then I hooked into a Roach only a few feet from where I was standing! Quite a nice size as well.  Dont get many here.


Unfortunately my good luck ended as I hooked into a determined little Chub.  My reel made a nasty sound as the line tangled itself around the handle, followed by a snap...

The line flew up the ringlets of the rod.  I somehow mnaged to grab the tail end and wound the fish in by hand #oldskool

He nearly escaped.

This commotion obviously scared off everyone else as I didnt get a bite after that.  Still in the 3 hours I was there I had caught at least 10 fish.  Enough to break the curse, and my fishing line :-)

Monday, 23 January 2017

Fishing for Compliments

My first fishing blog-post doesn't actually have any fish in it.  But don't click off just yet!

Over the Chritmas holidays (a dim and distant memory now) I put on a stone, which is the only real reminder of Christmas as my fat tummy has decided to stay with me and I also wrote into the Anglers Mail.  Great magazine, packed with content.  They must be rushed off their feet having to produce a new copy every week!

Anyway I thought I would write in after reading their December issue....

Hooray.  Letter of the week!  Cant hide it, I was well pleased :-)

Once Ive got this Blogger stuff sorted out properly I'll post some fish and equipment pictures (including the now infamous rod break which happened 21st Jan).  Stay tuned.  Things will take a turn for the worst tomorrow.