Monday, 23 January 2017

Fishing for Compliments

My first fishing blog-post doesn't actually have any fish in it.  But don't click off just yet!

Over the Chritmas holidays (a dim and distant memory now) I put on a stone, which is the only real reminder of Christmas as my fat tummy has decided to stay with me and I also wrote into the Anglers Mail.  Great magazine, packed with content.  They must be rushed off their feet having to produce a new copy every week!

Anyway I thought I would write in after reading their December issue....

Hooray.  Letter of the week!  Cant hide it, I was well pleased :-)

Once Ive got this Blogger stuff sorted out properly I'll post some fish and equipment pictures (including the now infamous rod break which happened 21st Jan).  Stay tuned.  Things will take a turn for the worst tomorrow.

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