Sunday, 29 January 2017

He's got Reel Issues

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It's been a fairly dismal few weeks. The best I have caught was 10 Sticklebacks.
Yesterday I managed a poor excuse for a Perch and an alright Roach. This was at Landsend Fishery. Great set of lakes. Definitely back when it warms up a touch.

It was time to sort things out. Lydford Mill pond. I have never blanked there.  Filled with hungry Chublets and the odd Roach, I was confident I could finish this bad spell.

A few casts in and a small Chublet was in the bag followed by a snag and then another snag which I couldnt get out of... Snap went the line.  I decided to pack up and move to the otherside of the millpond.  Where there are far fewer snags.

I fed in a handful of maggots with each cast.  Maggots on the hook.  Bites came a plenty and soon I was merrily catching chublets, missing plenty as well.

Then I hooked into a Roach only a few feet from where I was standing! Quite a nice size as well.  Dont get many here.


Unfortunately my good luck ended as I hooked into a determined little Chub.  My reel made a nasty sound as the line tangled itself around the handle, followed by a snap...

The line flew up the ringlets of the rod.  I somehow mnaged to grab the tail end and wound the fish in by hand #oldskool

He nearly escaped.

This commotion obviously scared off everyone else as I didnt get a bite after that.  Still in the 3 hours I was there I had caught at least 10 fish.  Enough to break the curse, and my fishing line :-)

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