Sunday, 26 February 2017

Double Trouble

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Good news. It's warming up. Bad news. It's doing it slower than a muck-spreader on its way to Godney.

Isn't it strange how lots of things in life come in doubles? Salt and Pepper, Lemon and Lime, Rodney and Del Boy. The list goes on (feel free to list any famous doubles in the comments section).

I haven't quite got to the double yet. I've come pretty close with 8ibs and a bit. Maybe today could be the day?

Today I was fishing at Avalon Fisheries for the first time. I wasn't alone however. Today my special guest was Jason White aka Brother in Law.

Jase (a preferred shortening of a perfectly reasonable name, but one I shall use in order to speed things up) is something of a Carping Pro.

Like a rock star comeback. Jase hasn't fished as regularly as he used to (and is unlikely to do to much as he has 3 girls under 4...)

But now he has returned. I can hear the carp gulping from here...
We started off in anti social fashion with Jase on Heath Lake whilst a settled in on Match Lake.

Aside from a double I was keen to get a few nice Roach or maybe a Perch or two.  With this in mind I busted out my Tupperware holding a few lobworms. Except there was a problem. They looked like used Turkey basters. Swollen in some areas and stringy in others. After some mouth to mouth (I'm joking I am in know way attracted to lobworms). It was clear they were dead as rusty doornails.

On went the maggots (special shout out to my wife for getting me a pint. Must be love).
I chucked in some hemp and a few more unlucky maggots. Then I chucked out the ledger rod without much thought. Aiming it at any space where there was water.
After 10 minutes the float twitched and sank. A diddy roach to start.

Casting back out the float went almost immediately. Another little fella.

and another...

and another...

Might taste nice with olives.

How many did I catch? I lost count after 20 or so. At least 40 I reckon. Nothing big but it kept me entertained. But the little fellas were not alone. 2 or 3 pink mouths were sucking away at the surface along with the odd heavy splash. Some chunky Carp were milling about. Even feeding on my Hovis Best of Both.

I swapped to bread crust but the the rain decided to fall....

From the confines of my car I WhatsApp'd Jase. He hadn't had any luck and was contemplating coming over to my spot (especially after I told him about the carp).
In the meantime a few stupid messages were exchanged. 

Soon the rain eased and I was back at it. The carp were slurping in my lumps of floating bread quite happily.  Then the float vanished, I struck.  Smething a lot bigger than a Roach was on the end.  My 4ib line sang as the chunk swam into the tree roots.  I pulled carefully and managed to avoid disaster.

I quickly gave Jase a call.  I think I would need some help landing the beast.

After a good 15 minutes of battling he reared his head.  Jase laughed at my little landing net (everyone does).

He some how managed to get the lump in the net (well some of it anyway).

Looking fine in my bobblehat.
A new PB - 9ibs 5ozs!

After some thought Jase decided to uprooys and join me on the Match Lake (we could be a bit more sociable then).

Unfortunately the commotion caused by the carp scared away all my little silvers.

Meanwhile, after throwing lead at trees Jase finally got his aim in.  Casting just in front of the island.  

He got some serious results...

Good work (sorry its blurry, I got excited)

 Carp - 9ib/10ibs


Meanwhile I dragged in a few more silvers.  Before long the starlings were coming in to roost.  A spectacular sight indeed.  But one which signaled the end of the day.

A new personal best then but I'm still having trouble with a double..

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