Sunday, 5 February 2017

Simply the Best

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An unexpected opportunity came up today.  It had a lot of variables involved, but against the odds I had a chance to go fishing.  Obviously I'm not one to turn down such a gift.

I decided on Viaduct Fishery in Somerton.  What a beautiful place it is.  Tranquil and filled with fish!  

I headed to the trusty Match Lake.  I am a creature of habit and pulled up at my standard peg next to the tree.  To my left was the swim which my dad always went to.  It was empty and I thought that if nothing happened I would go there...

2 hours in, a lead shot wrapped up in a tree and maggots that for some reason smelled even worse than normal.  I hadnt had a knock, absolutely nothing.

I decided on plan B and shuffled everything to the corner peg.  I decided to cast tight into the corner as going at the island wasn't working.

I slipped on a hair rigged pellet.  I'm still unsure about this method.  It just doesnt seem right.  But everyone seems to do it.  A hook with no bait on it confuses me.

I was getting the sinking feeling that I wasn't actually going to catch anything...

I even got distracted by a Tawny owl hooting from the copse behind me.  My eyes really should be looking at the water rather than the woods!

Without warning my float started moving violently to the left.  I struck into it and initially thought I was snagged on the bottom.  Then the line started winding quickly off the hook.  I immediately realised this was not a 3ib Pasty.  It was bigger.

I immediately got into trouble.  My 3ib line wasnt really a match for the critter on the end.  He swiftly made his way straight into my second rods line and duly snagged the whole lot up before I could pull it out of the way.  Then he went under my platform.  I couldn't really stop him...

5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins passed and he was still batting me all over the place.  Eventually he began to tire.  He slowly rose to the surface.  He was a big un!

My landing net didn't really fit him.  There was line everywhere, tangle and twisted.

The Carp was foul hooked in the right fin.  Once he was landed it fell out.  I was lucky that it had held!

Common Carp - Personal best

I took a few  pics, weighed him and slid him back.  I was well chuffed.  7ib 2ozs.   The heaviest fish I have ever caught :-)

All my line was smashed up and tangled.  I decided to call it a day.  1 bite, 1 fish.  But it was simply the best.

View from my peg

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