Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Silver Medal

In an unusual turn of events it appeared that the sun was actually shining. The default grey and rainy setting had been switched off. I had an afternoon spare so I headed over to Avalon Lakes. Sadly my favourite peg on the top right of the Match lake was taken 😒

So i settled for a few pegs down. There was a match on so plenty of rods over the water

I used the pellet wagler close in as the wind was gusting all over the place. I also set up a simple ledger with a hair rigged robin red pellet.

I was quite excited using my new baiting pole. Great fun. I dumped in some hemp along with a few pellets. The waggler saw some action later in the day. The silvers had moved in! Im glad they did. I had nothing on the ledger . The humble maggot saved the day from it being a disaster. The silvers deserve a medal...

Monday, 20 March 2017


I have to admit I was pretty uncertain about my trip the The Viaduct on Sunday.  My confidence had taken a big knock (see last weeks post).  I was rather tense about the whole thing.  But it is of course important to dust yourself down and get back on the wagon again.

I got down quite early and set up on my favourite corner peg.  People were fishing already.  The fine weather bringing out the crowds...

I was very careful setting up.

One ledger with sweetcorn and hair rigged pellet, aimed towards the central island.  I didn't fish it tight, mainly because I didn't want to get tangled up.

View from my peg. Lovely.

One float with cheese paste, homemade!

More importantly I had my brand new baiting handle.  7M out I plopped in a good glug of hemp and chucked the float out.  A couple of early bites ensued but I missed them.

Then the bite alarm went off and I was into a little Carp about 2IBs.  It all went well.  No hook-pulls, good stuff.

Little beauty

The float went quiet so I swapped to a juicy worm.  A few minutes later it was under.  A Bream!

Not huge.  But a PB Bream for me!

It wasnt foggy - my lens was covered in mud

I was going to drop him in the keep net but I felt a bit sorry for him.  He looked so unhappy...

So a plopped him back.

I tried putting bread but it kept falling off every cast.  In the end I literally dipped it in by my peg.  Bites came aplenty.

First a nice Roach, then another alright Roach and then... a Tench!

Haven't caught one for at least 15 odd years!

I was well pleased.

Meanwhile the bite alarm went off and another small carp was landed.

The bread started to annoy me a bit as it was just falling off even when dipped in!

I swapped back to worm and ended up with a dinky Perch.  I thought it would be bigger as it scrapped pretty hard.

The tension was over.  I'm back in the game :-)

Friday, 17 March 2017

Knot good

Image result for tangled fishing line

I was squeezing a lot in last Sunday. Bit of photography in the morning. Followed by a trip to Avalon Fisheries a bit later. The photos went well...

The fishing... didn't.

I met Brother in Law Jase at the bank. He was on the Specimen lake tracking down hefty slabs. Still a little cold perhaps for the really big ones.

I set up on Match. Chucked in a lead and a float. Within half an hour the float went and the line sang. Decent Carp on the end. A new PB was on the cards.

I fumbled about for my phone. Jase we need a bigger net. I really need to replace my little baby net.
Jade kindly dragged all his gear in and came across with a more suitable net.

Then the alarm went off. Another Carp had taken the ledger. Jase took that one. Minutes later it was lost. Hook gone. Poor knot I reckon...

Time passed. My 4ib line was a tad light for the chunky chap on the end.

20 minutes and I finally saw him. 10ib ish I reckon. I slid the net into the water. Then it happened...
The line pinged across the water. Hook gone. Fish lost. I cursed and took some time out.
I really need to check my knots...

Meanwhile Jase showed me how it was done...

Nice little Mirror


Lovely chunk

Please excuse poor image quality, my phone was covered in maggot juices, hemp, and bread.

I ended up with 1 Roach. Yep that bad. It's knocked my confidence a bit of I'm honest.
But I'm keen to atone for my mess. This Sunday its Viaduct Match Lake with a new toy and some new tactics.
Watch this space.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Collar and Cuffs

Image result for collar and cuffs

Friday afternoon. Schools out and I had a couple of free hours. I had pre packed my fishing gear so was well prepared.

I wanted to try out my new keep net and seatbox. I headed out to Lydford. I always have a lot of luck here.

Pulling up by the quaint little church I quickly looked around. I would, momentarily have no trousers on or top. A sight which might even scare a 10ib Pike.

There was a problem. I forgot to pack my fishing clothes...

Collar and cufflinks it was. I bet there aren't many fisherman dressed so well. I don't think the Chub cared much.

The weir was in full flood which forced me up onto the steep banks. Surprisingly I didn't fall in. But the swell of water was a pain for my keep net.

Nevertheless the fish were hungry. A few balls of maggots and 2 on the hook. Bites, bites, bites.
I had loads of species including some nice Chublets, a couple of quality Roach (although one of them looked pretty bashed up), a Gudgeon and 2 big Minnows (was it a record?).
My white shirt ended up rather brown and my shoes... They suffered. But it was all worth it.

Taking a photo of fish in a keepnet whilst balancing on the steep bank is hard work!

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Chubby Chaser

Image result for chubby chaser

It was my birthday on Friday.  Its been weighing heavily on my mind. Ive reached something of a turning point. I am now officially closer to 40 than 30 I've got a bit chubbier and my hair has receded a bit.

Still birthdays do have good points. I did get all sorts of fishing gear. I wont bore you with all that now (maybe something for a future post

Anyway i had a brief chance to go out which i immediately took (especially as the house was occupied by a five yr old, three year old and two zero yr olds 

Knowing my allotted time was short i headed to the Sheppey river. Kitted up in the car (very civilised). Cast in waited a bit... nothing.

Tried another spot and got tangled up and fell in trying to get the tangle out.

Still nothing. My last spot was above a small stone bridge. i lobbed a few maggots and casters in then threw in my float.

Bosh!Finally it sunk.

A Chub, which wasnt chubby. Stuck to the New Years resolution perhaps?

A couple more bites ensued but i missed them both. Still I was happy that after chasing a chubby i had finally caught her.