Monday, 13 March 2017

Collar and Cuffs

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Friday afternoon. Schools out and I had a couple of free hours. I had pre packed my fishing gear so was well prepared.

I wanted to try out my new keep net and seatbox. I headed out to Lydford. I always have a lot of luck here.

Pulling up by the quaint little church I quickly looked around. I would, momentarily have no trousers on or top. A sight which might even scare a 10ib Pike.

There was a problem. I forgot to pack my fishing clothes...

Collar and cufflinks it was. I bet there aren't many fisherman dressed so well. I don't think the Chub cared much.

The weir was in full flood which forced me up onto the steep banks. Surprisingly I didn't fall in. But the swell of water was a pain for my keep net.

Nevertheless the fish were hungry. A few balls of maggots and 2 on the hook. Bites, bites, bites.
I had loads of species including some nice Chublets, a couple of quality Roach (although one of them looked pretty bashed up), a Gudgeon and 2 big Minnows (was it a record?).
My white shirt ended up rather brown and my shoes... They suffered. But it was all worth it.

Taking a photo of fish in a keepnet whilst balancing on the steep bank is hard work!

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