Friday, 17 March 2017

Knot good

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I was squeezing a lot in last Sunday. Bit of photography in the morning. Followed by a trip to Avalon Fisheries a bit later. The photos went well...

The fishing... didn't.

I met Brother in Law Jase at the bank. He was on the Specimen lake tracking down hefty slabs. Still a little cold perhaps for the really big ones.

I set up on Match. Chucked in a lead and a float. Within half an hour the float went and the line sang. Decent Carp on the end. A new PB was on the cards.

I fumbled about for my phone. Jase we need a bigger net. I really need to replace my little baby net.
Jade kindly dragged all his gear in and came across with a more suitable net.

Then the alarm went off. Another Carp had taken the ledger. Jase took that one. Minutes later it was lost. Hook gone. Poor knot I reckon...

Time passed. My 4ib line was a tad light for the chunky chap on the end.

20 minutes and I finally saw him. 10ib ish I reckon. I slid the net into the water. Then it happened...
The line pinged across the water. Hook gone. Fish lost. I cursed and took some time out.
I really need to check my knots...

Meanwhile Jase showed me how it was done...

Nice little Mirror


Lovely chunk

Please excuse poor image quality, my phone was covered in maggot juices, hemp, and bread.

I ended up with 1 Roach. Yep that bad. It's knocked my confidence a bit of I'm honest.
But I'm keen to atone for my mess. This Sunday its Viaduct Match Lake with a new toy and some new tactics.
Watch this space.

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