Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Silver Medal

In an unusual turn of events it appeared that the sun was actually shining. The default grey and rainy setting had been switched off. I had an afternoon spare so I headed over to Avalon Lakes. Sadly my favourite peg on the top right of the Match lake was taken 😒

So i settled for a few pegs down. There was a match on so plenty of rods over the water

I used the pellet wagler close in as the wind was gusting all over the place. I also set up a simple ledger with a hair rigged robin red pellet.

I was quite excited using my new baiting pole. Great fun. I dumped in some hemp along with a few pellets. The waggler saw some action later in the day. The silvers had moved in! Im glad they did. I had nothing on the ledger . The humble maggot saved the day from it being a disaster. The silvers deserve a medal...

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