Monday, 20 March 2017


I have to admit I was pretty uncertain about my trip the The Viaduct on Sunday.  My confidence had taken a big knock (see last weeks post).  I was rather tense about the whole thing.  But it is of course important to dust yourself down and get back on the wagon again.

I got down quite early and set up on my favourite corner peg.  People were fishing already.  The fine weather bringing out the crowds...

I was very careful setting up.

One ledger with sweetcorn and hair rigged pellet, aimed towards the central island.  I didn't fish it tight, mainly because I didn't want to get tangled up.

View from my peg. Lovely.

One float with cheese paste, homemade!

More importantly I had my brand new baiting handle.  7M out I plopped in a good glug of hemp and chucked the float out.  A couple of early bites ensued but I missed them.

Then the bite alarm went off and I was into a little Carp about 2IBs.  It all went well.  No hook-pulls, good stuff.

Little beauty

The float went quiet so I swapped to a juicy worm.  A few minutes later it was under.  A Bream!

Not huge.  But a PB Bream for me!

It wasnt foggy - my lens was covered in mud

I was going to drop him in the keep net but I felt a bit sorry for him.  He looked so unhappy...

So a plopped him back.

I tried putting bread but it kept falling off every cast.  In the end I literally dipped it in by my peg.  Bites came aplenty.

First a nice Roach, then another alright Roach and then... a Tench!

Haven't caught one for at least 15 odd years!

I was well pleased.

Meanwhile the bite alarm went off and another small carp was landed.

The bread started to annoy me a bit as it was just falling off even when dipped in!

I swapped back to worm and ended up with a dinky Perch.  I thought it would be bigger as it scrapped pretty hard.

The tension was over.  I'm back in the game :-)

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