Saturday, 22 April 2017

Pole Position

I was out early doors today. After some debate with myself along Glastonbury road I finally decided on The Viaduct. Mainly because it's got a lot of chunky fish and also I had to be back by 12.30 ish.

6.30 am and I had arrived.

First one on the start up grid

Outstanding. I could pick my pole position on peg 49 on Match Lake. I love it here. I'm sure anywhere on Match can be good but I'm drawn to this peg. Back in the day I used to setup next to my dad. The lake didn't have pegs then. Just grass .


I only brought one rod along. My Derwent Valley rod was left in favour of the Daiwa Carp Waggler. Mainly due to the top snapping on the Darwent...

I set up using a nice chunky loafer float loaded with 5AAs. I also attached a hair rig with a pellet attached.

Handily I found a small bag of soft pellets which proved to be a little bit of lost treasure.
I popped on a hard pellet to start and balled in some breadcrumb mix.

I didn't cast out very far and fished along my right margin. I've had a 7ib and 8ib carp from this exact spot so fingers crossed...

I waited and waited. People started turning up. Nice weather brings everyone out!

Finally the float sunk. Nothing to special. 5oz Skimmer. I tried to get a photo but he flipped his way back into the water with a loud plop!

These fish are a bit of a pain if I'm honest. All goopey and slimy. Gets everywhere and smells awful.
Speaking of slime. The float bobbed and then sank. This time a Tench. Not big but we all know how hard they fight.

What a scrapper.  Dont worry the forceps are BEHIND him

I decided on a banded pellet with a soft pellet on the hook. I had to cast really carefully as the soft pellet was VERY soft. After a couple of missed bite and many instances of the pellet falling off the loader sank sharply.

The line shot of the reel like an Intercity Express. This wasn't a Skimmer!

A 15 minute fight ensued. Luckily I had 5ib line on rather than my default 3ib.

As I hauled the beast to the surface I realised it was hooked in the tail! I missed it twice with the net and I was panicking a bit waiting for a hook pull...

Immaculate Common - Probably a PB...

My new scales were located at the sorting office. Not ideal when you are fishing...

I asked the 2 chaps next to me if they had any. 

Alas they didn't. But their guess was 9ib or 10ib. Was it the fabled double? A PB? We will never truly know.

It was a cracking fish though. Certainly one of the big fellas in this lake.

I carried on with the double pellet approach.

2 more 5-6pz Skimmers fell for it. One did the same thing as his mate earlier and flipped back into the lake before posing for a photo.

The other one I couldn't be bothered to photo!

I decided to pop on a bit of bread, just for something different.

Another really nice fish.  Mirror this time.  6ibs ish

At this point things slowed right down.  I think the fish had realised that there was some air breather chucking bits of pellet at them

Meanwhile next door the chap fishing with a pole was catching every 5 minutes.  It was incredible!

As I looked round the lake I noticed that there were only 2 of us with fishing rods.  Poles certainly seem to be the thing to have.  For now I will just admire.  I'm happy with my fishing rod.

Time was ticking on.  I could have stayed all day but needs must...

My final fish - a snootey looking F1

I trudged back to the car.  I had enjoyed my pole position but didnt enjoy hop, step and jumping over all the fishing poles.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

A Precious Gem (Part 2)

So after the the ruckess at Ruby Lake I thought I would give Emerald a go.  I decided on a lazy approach and basically rolled out of the car and set up about 20 feet from where I had parked.

Still I fancied this spot by the bridge.  Carp love a little feature to mooch around.

I balled in some breadcrumb and small cuts of Morrisons Own bread.  As I set up a couple of mouths were hoovering at the surface.  Promising...

My old faithful Drennan Loafer was out, attached to 5ib line.  I scaled it up a bit as I have been river fishing quite a bit using light 3ib line.  This has made life tricky for me at Commercial Fisheries as many of the fish are pretty hefty.

Depth was set to about 2 and a bit foot.  This end was quite shallow.

I swapped between worm and bread.  The float popped and dipped but these fish seemed a little more canny than their Ruby Lake friends...

Finally the float sunk sharply.

1 in the bag!

Not huge but still a scapper
(I brought my DSLR along with a lens from 1988 - better than my phone though)

I was very leusierly fishing today.  Not aiming for any massive catches or giant fish.  I was just relaxing!

The fishing was a little slower (only 1 or 2 bites every few minutes!!!!)

I could see Carp bashing their way through the reeds opposite.  But it wasnt Carp that provided the action today...

Rather than repeat a similar picture 10 times I thought 2 would do.  The Skimmers were out in force! 

Hooraaay!  A Tench always brings much cheer to the lakeside!

As the afternoon wore on the bigger chaps moved in on my wriggly worms.  I wish I could have stayed longer as these fellas were hungry!

 Lovely fish

Both were crackers.  The 2nd one was around 6ib-7ibs I reckon (new scales are on order)

Overall another stunning day at Emerald Pool.  Next I have a date with Sapphire...

Saturday, 15 April 2017

A Precious Gem

Note: The fishing was so good I went 2 times...

Part 1 

Scanning through The Angler's Mail I noticed a section on Emerald Pools Fishery near Highbridge.

It looked very nice indeed with sweeping Willow Trees and quant little bridges.  I had to give it a go.

There are 4 Pools - Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Jade.  They all offer something a bit different.

I settled on Ruby, according to Anglers Mail, packed with Pasties (not steak ones).

I took a corner peg and set up a very simple loafer float with 3AAs set to about 2 foot.

I chucked in some breadcrumb and cast in...

Looked great...

Then the crazy stuff began...



The action was relentless.  Bread and worm were the pick of the day.  Grand total:

Carp/Carp esque fishies : 29!!!
Roach: 2
Bream: 1

None of them were huge (all between 1/2ib - 3ibs) but it was just the shear number of bites.  I have only included some pictures of the better ones.  In fact my camera ran out of batteries (overworked on this session...)

An incredible few hours.  I reckon total weight must have been somewhere in the 40ib to 50ib region.  

Certainly a PB for me.

The next precious gem was Emerald Pool...

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Carping On

He does harp on...

The sun was out and the temperature was pretty good.  I had a few hours so went to Landsend Fishery, Sidneys Lake.  Great fun.  Take a look at my newest venture. A Video!!!!

Just to mix it up a bit

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Love is in the air

The sun was out AND there was a touch of warmth in the air.  Could Spring actually be happening?

Outside the birds were nest building, tweeting sweet nothings to each other.  Love was in the air.

I was more interested in the water though.  I stuffed everything into the car (including my now jammed baiting pole which is longer than my vehicle (dont ask).

After a slightly hair raising journey with the pole swinging about and jutting out of my cars backside I made it to the Viaduct.  It was really quiet which was great.  I had a quick word with Matt (who i always call Sam) before trudging to the Match Lake.

I chose what I think was Peg 49.  I set up a hair rigged pellet and sweetcorn on the hook, coupled with a nice chubby float.

After that I set up a second rod with swimfeeder and worm attached.

The swimfeeder went out towards the island (but not tight because I didnt want to get snagged up).  Meanwhile I put the float out to my right along the margin.  I balled in some wet breadcrumb and a few red maggots.


It was heartening to see the Carp moving about, the water must have warmed up a bit.  But were the fish more into luuuuurrrrvvvv or food?

The answer came after about 15 minutes when the float slid under.  A powerful fight ensued.  When I finally pulled him in I was thrilled to see the rich green tinge of a Tench.

Tench - Surely one of the best fish out there.

I popped him in the keepnet then had a change of heart (soft sod) and let him go.  I feel bad keeping larger fish in a cramped net for hours on end!  I have no idea how heavy he was as I have lost my weighing scales... I would guess a smidgen over 1ib

Now it was the ledger's turn, the alarm bleeped and I struck into a sloppy Bream, he gave up without a fight but was quite a nice size.  Again its a guess but around 1.5 ibs.

Once he was unhooked and plopped back  in I recast and it went quiet for about 10 minutes before the alarm went off again.

This fella was much harder fighting and I assumed it was a Carp.

He was absolutely mental on the bank and I was glad to throw him back in!

Meanwhile the float was bobbing about with the swirl of silvers feeding on the breadcrumb and some hemp.

But again it was the ledger which hoooked another.

Another chunky fella (an F1 I think) 2ibs or so.

I paused for a bit to have a wee (TMI) and a drink.

The float was getting yanked all over the place but I think it was sivers going at it.

Bleeeeepppp... Off it went again.  Worms were the bait of choice today.  A small fight ensued but I knew it wasnt a carp.

Notice those odd white spots?  Thats a fishy ready to spawn.  Love was in the air (water)

By this point I was pretty pleased with the session but it got even better!

Finally the float sunk and then a very hard battle ensued.  I thought it was going to be a chunky Carp but it was a second Tench.  These fellas really fight hard.

What a great fish.  Sorry its blurry.

The Match Lake wasnt done yet and I had more on the ledger and the float!

This was quite heavy 5ibs ish

This was another heavy (biggest of the day I reckon.  Dot think it was a double but probably pushing 8ibs

Another chunky Bream

Obviously all this love making was hungry work and I benefitted!  t was a great session and you can see why The Viaduct is so highly regarded.  I really should try out the other lakes but I love the Match Lake especially when you get catches like this.

After the leftovers

Monday, 3 April 2017


First day of the holidays and the 1st of April. After a cunning April's Fools on the sister in Law (which she fell for hook, line and sinker). I felt bright and breezy, like the weather.

Quick trip to Thatchers for hemp and breadcrumb and I was then on my way to Burtle.
These lakes are really picturesque and don't seem to suffer from heavy fishing... I was the only person on the front lake 

I set up a deep float rig as the lake is known for its depth. I didn't cast far, maybe 3 or 4 meters to my right, near some reeds sticking out a bit.  I also checked out some hemp and breadcrumb (I would have shipped it out on my bait pole but I forgot the middle section...)

After a minute or so the float popped under.  Little Roach.  Cast out again.  Popped under.  Little Roach. Cast in pop under bit bigger Roach.  Repeat the process many many times and that was my afternoon!

I was hoping for a carp or two but I think their minds are on something other than eating (cue the slow, romantic music)

In the trawler net.

The next day

I somehow managed to get 2 hours down at Burtle (again!)

I plumped for peg 13... unlucky for some.  Its a corner swim and I bailed in hemp and breadcrumb.  Then threw in the waggler. t was gone in moments.  Loads and loads of diddlers falling for the maggot.

I switched to worm and immediately got some better quality Roach plus a very nice looking Perch, only 6 or 7 ozs but he had a belly on him!

Love a nice Perch.  Great colours.

Bloody awful shot - there were some alright Roach in amongst the crowds.

The silvers are pretty crazy at Burtle right now.  They just cant seem to get enough dinner.  Hopefully the trawler will hit upon some bigger critters later in the week.