Sunday, 16 April 2017

A Precious Gem (Part 2)

So after the the ruckess at Ruby Lake I thought I would give Emerald a go.  I decided on a lazy approach and basically rolled out of the car and set up about 20 feet from where I had parked.

Still I fancied this spot by the bridge.  Carp love a little feature to mooch around.

I balled in some breadcrumb and small cuts of Morrisons Own bread.  As I set up a couple of mouths were hoovering at the surface.  Promising...

My old faithful Drennan Loafer was out, attached to 5ib line.  I scaled it up a bit as I have been river fishing quite a bit using light 3ib line.  This has made life tricky for me at Commercial Fisheries as many of the fish are pretty hefty.

Depth was set to about 2 and a bit foot.  This end was quite shallow.

I swapped between worm and bread.  The float popped and dipped but these fish seemed a little more canny than their Ruby Lake friends...

Finally the float sunk sharply.

1 in the bag!

Not huge but still a scapper
(I brought my DSLR along with a lens from 1988 - better than my phone though)

I was very leusierly fishing today.  Not aiming for any massive catches or giant fish.  I was just relaxing!

The fishing was a little slower (only 1 or 2 bites every few minutes!!!!)

I could see Carp bashing their way through the reeds opposite.  But it wasnt Carp that provided the action today...

Rather than repeat a similar picture 10 times I thought 2 would do.  The Skimmers were out in force! 

Hooraaay!  A Tench always brings much cheer to the lakeside!

As the afternoon wore on the bigger chaps moved in on my wriggly worms.  I wish I could have stayed longer as these fellas were hungry!

 Lovely fish

Both were crackers.  The 2nd one was around 6ib-7ibs I reckon (new scales are on order)

Overall another stunning day at Emerald Pool.  Next I have a date with Sapphire...

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