Saturday, 22 April 2017

Pole Position

I was out early doors today. After some debate with myself along Glastonbury road I finally decided on The Viaduct. Mainly because it's got a lot of chunky fish and also I had to be back by 12.30 ish.

6.30 am and I had arrived.

First one on the start up grid

Outstanding. I could pick my pole position on peg 49 on Match Lake. I love it here. I'm sure anywhere on Match can be good but I'm drawn to this peg. Back in the day I used to setup next to my dad. The lake didn't have pegs then. Just grass .


I only brought one rod along. My Derwent Valley rod was left in favour of the Daiwa Carp Waggler. Mainly due to the top snapping on the Darwent...

I set up using a nice chunky loafer float loaded with 5AAs. I also attached a hair rig with a pellet attached.

Handily I found a small bag of soft pellets which proved to be a little bit of lost treasure.
I popped on a hard pellet to start and balled in some breadcrumb mix.

I didn't cast out very far and fished along my right margin. I've had a 7ib and 8ib carp from this exact spot so fingers crossed...

I waited and waited. People started turning up. Nice weather brings everyone out!

Finally the float sunk. Nothing to special. 5oz Skimmer. I tried to get a photo but he flipped his way back into the water with a loud plop!

These fish are a bit of a pain if I'm honest. All goopey and slimy. Gets everywhere and smells awful.
Speaking of slime. The float bobbed and then sank. This time a Tench. Not big but we all know how hard they fight.

What a scrapper.  Dont worry the forceps are BEHIND him

I decided on a banded pellet with a soft pellet on the hook. I had to cast really carefully as the soft pellet was VERY soft. After a couple of missed bite and many instances of the pellet falling off the loader sank sharply.

The line shot of the reel like an Intercity Express. This wasn't a Skimmer!

A 15 minute fight ensued. Luckily I had 5ib line on rather than my default 3ib.

As I hauled the beast to the surface I realised it was hooked in the tail! I missed it twice with the net and I was panicking a bit waiting for a hook pull...

Immaculate Common - Probably a PB...

My new scales were located at the sorting office. Not ideal when you are fishing...

I asked the 2 chaps next to me if they had any. 

Alas they didn't. But their guess was 9ib or 10ib. Was it the fabled double? A PB? We will never truly know.

It was a cracking fish though. Certainly one of the big fellas in this lake.

I carried on with the double pellet approach.

2 more 5-6pz Skimmers fell for it. One did the same thing as his mate earlier and flipped back into the lake before posing for a photo.

The other one I couldn't be bothered to photo!

I decided to pop on a bit of bread, just for something different.

Another really nice fish.  Mirror this time.  6ibs ish

At this point things slowed right down.  I think the fish had realised that there was some air breather chucking bits of pellet at them

Meanwhile next door the chap fishing with a pole was catching every 5 minutes.  It was incredible!

As I looked round the lake I noticed that there were only 2 of us with fishing rods.  Poles certainly seem to be the thing to have.  For now I will just admire.  I'm happy with my fishing rod.

Time was ticking on.  I could have stayed all day but needs must...

My final fish - a snootey looking F1

I trudged back to the car.  I had enjoyed my pole position but didnt enjoy hop, step and jumping over all the fishing poles.

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