Monday, 3 April 2017


First day of the holidays and the 1st of April. After a cunning April's Fools on the sister in Law (which she fell for hook, line and sinker). I felt bright and breezy, like the weather.

Quick trip to Thatchers for hemp and breadcrumb and I was then on my way to Burtle.
These lakes are really picturesque and don't seem to suffer from heavy fishing... I was the only person on the front lake 

I set up a deep float rig as the lake is known for its depth. I didn't cast far, maybe 3 or 4 meters to my right, near some reeds sticking out a bit.  I also checked out some hemp and breadcrumb (I would have shipped it out on my bait pole but I forgot the middle section...)

After a minute or so the float popped under.  Little Roach.  Cast out again.  Popped under.  Little Roach. Cast in pop under bit bigger Roach.  Repeat the process many many times and that was my afternoon!

I was hoping for a carp or two but I think their minds are on something other than eating (cue the slow, romantic music)

In the trawler net.

The next day

I somehow managed to get 2 hours down at Burtle (again!)

I plumped for peg 13... unlucky for some.  Its a corner swim and I bailed in hemp and breadcrumb.  Then threw in the waggler. t was gone in moments.  Loads and loads of diddlers falling for the maggot.

I switched to worm and immediately got some better quality Roach plus a very nice looking Perch, only 6 or 7 ozs but he had a belly on him!

Love a nice Perch.  Great colours.

Bloody awful shot - there were some alright Roach in amongst the crowds.

The silvers are pretty crazy at Burtle right now.  They just cant seem to get enough dinner.  Hopefully the trawler will hit upon some bigger critters later in the week.

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