Sunday, 7 May 2017

Day Breamer

After a long, long drive with a lot of wrong turns, slug-like heavy goods vehicles and a good dollop of bad language I finally got to Emerald Pool.  Diverted traffic can really upset your day.

Nevertheless my mood was lifted after discovering a nice little island type bit, tucked away.  Excellent.

I had stocked up on bait.  Hemp, corn and maggot all went in.  The fish here dont normally mess about and love a banquet.  Whilst they were tucking in I set up my Daiwa pellet waggler.  I used a slightly bigger float which needed 5aas.  I have learned through bitter experience that the more shot you have the more tangles seem to ensue...

I started off simple with double mixed maggot.  Casting gently to the far bank.  After a few minutes the float twitched and sank.

I reached for my camera only to find I had forgotten the bloody SD card.  Nevermind I still had the iphone except that had run out of batteries...

Back to my crappy HTC phone then.  Sorry for these terrible images.

Not a bad start.

I kept on chucking in bits of bait.  It must have been like an all-you-can eat restaurant for the fish.

The float dipped violently.  The creature on the end fought hard but didnt feel like a carp.

One of the best fish about.  Certainly one of the better Perch I have managed

To my left I noticed a lot of splashes and dark shapes cruising about.  I couldn't resist, and quickly relocated to an adjacent peg.

Overhead a Mallard laughed manically.  He was trailing a long bit of line.  Turns out that the owner Alan was chasing after him!  It was great to see such a quick response.  Indeed these lakes are a prime breeding spot of Geese and ducks.  Luckily the duck appeared to have removed the unwanted attachment.

The fish were feeding now.  They love casters here.  Hungry mouths emerged from the depths.  But the carp were not alone....

This one was 2ibs on the nose and did have a bit of go in him.

I'm not sure how many Bream were caught if I'm honest. 15-20 maybe.  Ranging from 5ozs to 2ibs.
I hooked into a couple of Carp but I lost them both as the hook pinged out.  I didnt mind.  I was covered in slime but was happy day-breaming at the lakeside.

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