Monday, 15 May 2017

Eeling Good

The stars aligned correctly this weekend.  Both myself AND Brother in Law Jase "The Carp" White had both been granted day passes by our respective overlords wives.

There was a lot of debate via WhatsApp the night before with Shearwater, Viaduct, Bullock Farm and Emerald Pool all in the mix.  Bullock Farm is a bit of a distance for me but it looks great.  Must get down there soon.  I Facebooked Viaduct as I knew Jase would like Cary Lake but there was a match on.  So it was Shearwater or Emerald.

I love Emerald Pool so was very biased.  Eventually I convinced him with Jade Lake which has plenty of chubby Carp swimming about.

I was well equipped this time.  My new purchase was ready to go (or so I thought).

Daiwa Black Widow reel coupled with Daiwa Phantom - it sounds so cool and looks amazing.  In fact I might just frame it rather than use it for fishing :-)

We arrived fairly early, but the place was packed!  Never seen it like this!

Jase was a little quiet but I was confident we would find a nice spot.

The owner, Alan gave us a quick tip off that the corner peg at the top was spare.  I proudly announced that I would be using 2 rods today...

We headed up the tree lined path and decamped.  A nice little bay, which was something of a sun trap.  The reeds were being bashed about by hefty chaps bellow the surface.  Looked good.

I proudly assmbled my Carp rod and then... I had forgotten to put the line on.  Yes I am that stupid.

So it was back to thee old faithful pellet waggler.

Meanwhile Jase was looking uncertain, concerned about swims and casting and lines crossing and... these carp fisherman are very fickle.

Luckily after a short while the adjacent peg was vacated.  Jase was immediately a lot happier and soon I could hear the splosh of bait bags aimed towards the reeds on the far bank.

meanwhile I concentrated close in by the reeds.

 Skimmers by the dozen!  Dont know how many I caught.

 A first for Jase.  A gribbly, slimy Eel.  It went mental on the bank and got itself tangled up in the grass.  After a quick rescue effort and a few prods with the landing net he slithered back in.  Bluurrrgggg!

 I was so pleased to catch a decent Perch - my favourite fish

 Hooked into a good few quality Roach as well

 What a beaut (the fish I mean)

Another stunner

I hooked into 2 Carp during the session.  I lost them both.  The second time I thought the rod would snap! It was a big 'un!

I didnt mind.  Both of us were feeling good...

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