Sunday, 21 May 2017

Method Man

Once more I was fortunate enough to team up with the Bro-In-Law Jase 'The Carp' White.  As per usual there was much debate about location.  I was keen to give Emerald Pool, Jade Lake another bash but Jase wanted to visit Shearwater.  After a while I went with his suggestion, mainly because of a smaller, lesser known lake nearby called Little Shearwater.

We arrived fairly early but there were loads of Carpers out.  It was like a bombing run with spods flying in all over the place.  Large leads followed up with enormous sploshes. Robotic bleeps echoing around the lake. I will be brutally honest, I'm not a huge fan of all this.  I prefer things a bit lighter and more intimate.  Nevertheless I had purchased a carp rod and reel, mainly because everybody I know is a Carper and I Have to keep pace somehow.

After some uncertainty about swims we finally kitted up on the opposite bank to all the walkers.

10 minutes in and I was jumpy.  Jase noticed my discomfort...

Despite this he had an early Bream.

A good start for "The Carp"

Moments later I was packed up (after falling over) and drove along to Little Shearwater.  This is no mean feet in a Peugeot 107 which is great on fuel but not so good at carrying 12ft Carp rods...

I was the only soul in this beautiful secluded lake, surrounded by big trees.  Bliss.

A proper wild lake - I loved it

I had some difficulty deciding where to go as I cast in a few times expecting some action on my waggler, but nothing...

In the end I decamped at the nearest spot to the carpark/field.

Unfortunately my bite alarm had stopped working so i knicked Jases's fancy bite alarm... which I couldnt get to work...  So in the end I used my eyes!

I was convinced that the waggler would win out but I wanted to get something using the swimfeeder.

First fish
1-0 to the wag and mag

Small but perfectly formed.

I caught another 2 silvers.
3-0 to the wag and bag... But then something amazing happened.

The carp rod was literally bouncing up and down.  I struck and...

A new PB Bream!!! Actually its the first proper Bream I have caught.

Moments later a chap and is young son pitched up.  He was firing what looked like green laser blobs across the lake, they jumped like the bouncing bombs in WW2.  Amazing!

Despite the distraction I kept one eye on the tip...

Another lump - excellent!

Soon the forecast of heavy rain came true.  I got drenched and the maggots went all foamy and horrible. Yuk.

When the clouds parted my ledger assault continued.  Who needs an alarm anyway? :-)


Last but not least.  Sadly an ugly human got in the way :-)

It was an amazing few hours with 8 Bream from 3ibs up to 5ibs.  I hadnt realised just how nice they look with a beautiful bronze sheen and a deep body.

Total score was 8 on the method, 3 diddlers on the wag.  A solid victory for the method.  I really enjoyed using it (a first for me).  In all honesty I thought it would be rubbish!

Meanwhile Jase persevered on the big shearwater and had hooked another manky looking Bream and a 9-10ib Carp.  Good going considering all the food being smashed into the lake.  I'm surprised the fish could be bothered to even check out his bait.

I now am very tempted by a quivertip rod... Its all about the method, man!

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