Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Everything fell into place like a jigsaw puzzle with regard to my weekend fishing. Emerald pool yesterday and now Landsend today. The weather forecast was awful but I didn't care. I nearly fell over in the carpark... There were only 3 cars there. Ive never seen it so quiet!

I took the long trudge to Sidneys Lake. I am a creature of habit. I must try out the other lakes sometime...

Happily I was the only person fishing the lake AND the weather wasn't really that bad. Bit of rain. Bit windy but nothing severe.

I just set up the Daiwa Pellet Waggler with the loafer. Balled in the last bits of ground bait from the day before. Put a couple of red maggots on the end and off I started.

I was fishing between 2 sets of Lily pads. Carp and other fish love Lily Pads. Shelter and a great place to hide.

Bites came thick and fast. I stacked up on little silvers pretty quickly with 10 or so in the bag after about 20 minutes.

 Loads of diddlers

Caught on 8mm Pellet :-0

As time moved on a few better quality silver's emerged...

Love a decent Rudd or two

Caught on 8mm pellet...

Then I hit into something much bigger. The line pounded of the reel. A carp was on the run... Straight into the Lily pads. Carnage. The line strained then snapped. Lost amongst the underwater foliage.

I cursed. My best float bobbed about right in the middle of the lake. RIP.

I tackled up again and boshed an 8mm Halibut Pellet straight onto the hook. This would get me something good...

It went quiet for a while and the rain started to fall. Then... Bam! In again. I managed to steer the carp away from the reeds but he was a strong devil. A minute later the line flew across the sky. The hook had pinged out :-( :-(

At least I didn't have to tackle up I suppose.  Keen to catch one of these buggers I kept with the pellet.

Sure enough I was soon into another. And then... The hook pinged out! Lady luck was frowning on me today.

But she wasn't finished yet! As the rain came in a bit heavier the float sunk. The line shot away. Again I was into something pretty hefty.

A long battle ensued. Then 10 minutes in my heart sank. I was tangled on something underwater.

I tried my best. Moving about on the lake edge trying to work it out from different angles. But it wasn't to be.

SNAP. The line finally gave out. A float bobbed up. This time I could grab it.
Thoroughly fed up I packed in. To rub salt into the wound I left my forceps there as well. It's enough to make you snap.

On reflection I have come to realise that on certain ponds some heavy line will make life easier. It just means you can guide bigger fish away from snags with a bit more confidence.

I'm thinking of purchasing a Carp rod with 7ib line for those snaggy venues.

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