Monday, 1 May 2017

The Bream Team

After some clever negotiations with the better half (I mainly used the weather forecast as a weapon - with Sunday being a potential washout) I managed to zoom down to Emerald Pool.  I was keen to have a go on Sapphire but got distracted by Emerald as it looks so nice!

I went a bit further down the carpark and kitted up by a little bridge.  I figured the feature might attract some of our fishy friends.

I balled in some groundbait, stuffed with dead maggots (frozen in the freezer - dont tell her!!!!) and corn.

I hooked up with double red maggot and the old loafer float (R.I.P. - more on that in the next post).

After a couple of minutes the float started to move on its own.  Either it was A.I. or a fish was having a look.

 It was a Bream!

 and another...

 Would fit into my baguette

 I quite like this picture :-)

After 25 Bream I got a bit tired.  I wanted to get something else!

I decided to up sticks and move back to the very first peg.  Its a bit of a sunspot which also meant I could top up my tan.

I chucked in some pellets and hooked up a worm.

Another Bream followed...

Plus a Greylag

Then I swapped to 8mm Pellet.  Which finally gave me something a bit chunkier

 2ib 2oz Common (Ive got some scales!!!)

 It looks like the same fish - but it isnt!
5ib on the nose.

I hooked into another Carp but it went straight into the reeds and I was hopelessly tangled up.  With great regret I was forced to snap the line...

Luckily my little float bobbed up about 10 seconds later - phew!

My last fish of the day was...

34 of these...

The Bream Team was out in force...

Next: A disastrous session.  Lost tackle, line twist and 5 lost Carp.  Stay tuned. 

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