Tuesday, 6 June 2017


"You can go fishing for a bit if you want"

What beautiful words.  I didn't need a second chance...

I loaded up the car and shot across to Landsend Fishery.  Its nice and close which was vital as I was on a time limit (last time I was late and suffered some flak).

Upon arrival I was surprised that it wasnt loaded with people.  In fact it was very quiet.  Sidneys lake was empty! Fantastic.

A picture of the swim should go here but I forgot to take it...

I just used my waggler rod with a nice little float and some sweetcorn, boosted with some Nash Cappuccino, which smells soooo tasty.

I balled in a few lumps of fishmeal groundbait.  I immediately hooked into a small rudd, followed by 4 or 5 more.

Nice reds on the fins. Caught a few of these diddlers

Then the float sunk sharply I struck into something heavy.  Strangely there was no big run, instead the fish continued on with its business.  I carefully started to wind in and... Bang he realised that something was stuck in his gob.

Off he went, crashing about and causing mayhem.  Now, I should have learned and picked a swom without any weeds, but did I? Of course not.

However I was winning.  A large body rolled at the surface.  A pair of slimy eyes stared at me briefly.  I reached for the landing net.  Then he motored off again, straight into the weeds.  It was over, the line snapped and the float bobbed about aimlessly.  He was a good size for sure.  A possible PB, but I will never know.

I think I am slightly cursed on Sidneys Lake as this has happened to me an awful lot...

But the curse wasn't lifted.  A few moments later after setting a new float I hooked into another chunk.  This battle was short.  The bloody hook pinged out and the line wrapped round the rod about 1000 times.  Curses!

I took a break and calmed down a bit.  The Carp were loving the sweetcorn and large swirls were seen followed by the tell tale slurping sound of pinky coloured gobs at the surface.

I tried again.  I was snapped in another set of reeds again.  Two floats bobbed about aimlessly.  This was getting ridiculous.  Then it belted down with rain.

A few more Rudd and hybrids came and went.

You get the idea

Then the rod bent over.  Desperately I steered the angry fish away from the reeds.  The landing net came out.  he went mental.  I nearly fell in, as I slid down the bank I managed to get the net under him.  The curse was over!

A shade over 7ibs.  Great condition as well!

Sidneys Lake is packed with great fish and does have some bigger carp in there.  However I only seem to be able to successfully catch one whenever I go! Next time I'm choosing a nice clear swim.

I will break this odd curse next time...  

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