Saturday, 3 June 2017


Arriving back from Disneyland Paris I was keen to wet some line.  Especially after seeing some giant Grass Carp lazily swimming about in the resort's big lake/canal thing.

I was keen to go back to Jade Lake at Emerald Pool.  I didn't have masses of time as H.Q. required my presence at 4.  So I gunned it down and setup quickly.  My favourite spot in the left hand corner of the lake was free.  I kitted up quickly and upscaled my hooks a bit, going up to Size 12.  I hoped this would keep the diddly Skimmers off the hook and get me some chunkier Bream.

Both the method and the float rod went in. I was using corn on both rigs.

This is where I plonked myself for a few hours

 First fish of the day...

 and No.2
 20 odd of these... The slightly bigger hook was resulting in some better fish

Then some bigger Skimmers moved in.

An almost proper Bream

And a proper Bream.

2ibs and a bit

I then had a run on the float - Carp on! Then off...

I quickly impaled a bit of fluffy white bread on the end and recast, seconds later it was engulfed...

A typical fierce fight ensued.  Mr Carp shot into the reeds to my left.  I kept the rod low and slowly guided him away.  He then headed into the near bank, straight into my landing net :-)

A family of 3 had been watching patiently and they helped weigh him and got me  a photo - Thanks! Sorry about the cheesy grin.

The scales had fogged up, so weighing was difficult.  It looked like 16ibs!!!!

A frenzied text to Jase ensued, then I looked more carefully at the slowly defogging scales. 8ibs...

Oh well, still a decent fish.

I took a bit of a break and scoffed some sushi and eggs.

A run of skimmers followed.  I lost count of how many long ago.  Then a second Carp was pulled from the depths.  Another 8ib!  Good stuff.

Another nice fella

The inevitable phonecall came... Pack up time.  But there were Carp moving about...

I thought I would take the hit and fish a bit longer.  A dangerous tactic but it payed dividends.

The last 15 minutes were absolutely crazy.  I caught at least 10 Skimmers from half a pound up to 1 pound.  Non stop action!  I also had a Carp run but the hook pinged out.

Then, the fish of the day.  A lovely Rudd of 10ozs

He looked immaculate, the shot didn't really do him justice.

I was late home and took the expected flack.  The thing is I'm a bit hooked on fishing.

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