Monday, 12 June 2017


I suffered heavy delays Sunday morning.  My plan was to try out Bullock Farm but its a bit of a hike for me.  Unfortunately the boss had other plans for my morning.  Washing up, hanging clothes, tidying  You name it...

Eventually my work was done.  It was too late for Bullock Farm.  So I headed over to Landsend Fishery.  I had another round with Sidney's Lake.  I will hold onto those bloody Carp this time.  No tangles, no snaps...

Except there was a big sign up "All lakes closed 11th June".  No round at Sidney's then.  The carp would have probably duffed me over anyway...

Time was ticking, Viaduct was also an option but quite a few of the lakes were closed.

Avalon it was.  Luckily Moors lake was almost empty.  I headed over to Peg 24.  Right in the corner.  There are a load of underwater branches and god knows what else. BUT the Carp love it in there.  Its a dangerous game to play of course.  We all know how carp love getting snagged up.  Given my previous record at Landsend I probably shouldn't have tried it.

What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Moors Lake is very natural looking and is second only to Burtle Lakes in good looks 
(in my humble opinion)

I set up with my brand new fancy drennan float and bunged on some shiny casters bought from Thatchers (great little store).

I also mixed up some fishmeal and Sonubait pellets for the method.  Whilst I was waiting for it to soften I chucked in a few casters and cast in with the float.  Not too far.

A few minutes later the float sank.

Lots of 4-5 oz Roach

I cast pretty much directly in front of me towards an overhanging tree.  But not too close as I didn't want to end up with 8m of fishing line wrapped round the trunk.

I continued to get little knocks and bumps on the float and a few more 4-5 oz Roach were caught.

Then the float pulled under violently.  My quick strike latched into something more sizable.  Predictably it made a bee line for the roots, I tried to steer it away but this critter was mean.  The battle only lasted 10 seconds as the hook pinged out and ended up behind me on the grass...

It went a wee bit quiet and then the method went off.  Line was going out already.  I picked up and struck gently.  I am quite confident with this Daiwa Rod.  Its big, menacing and tough looking.  Capable of dealing with angry carp.

This time the fight went on for longer.  He was a clever devil and made repeated runs at getting under my fishing platform which was very awkward.  Unfortunately for him his close proximity meant that I could fish him out with the landing net. Ha!

A typical scrapper.  This fella weighed in at a shade over 7ibs

I got into a rhythm of feeding pellets and a few casters each cast.  This helped a lot and I was missing bites on the float pretty much every chuck.  Again a few Roach here and there until the float sank sharply.  I struck quite hard but it worked.  Now this fight could be more of a problem.  The line on the Pellet Wag is lighter than on the method and I was close to the cursed roots.

I thought I had lost it amongst the maze of debris.  Resigned to the fact I tried my best to pull out what I could.  Then, amazingly the reel began to scream out again.  He had burst back out of the roots straight in front of me.

He was a lively critter evading my net 3 times.  But eventually I nabbed him.

A lovely Mirror. A bit over 2ibs

Pleased with myself I sat it out for a few minutes and ate my baked beans (I'm trying to avoid bread - like carp I just want more and more but it doesn't do me any favours, figure wise).

I cast out the method again and gave the float a bit of a rest whilst I finished up my grub.  Suddenly my calm dinner was interrupted by the method falling off the rest, the alarm rang out in distress.  Chaos!

A cheeky Mirror had caught me unawares.

Another healthy looking Mirror.  Just under 3ibs

As evening drew in a chucked out a load of casters.  Sure enough a team of mouths sucked at the surface.  5 or so Carp were swirling round.  I had to stay a bit longer even though I would get in trouble at home.

Time after time the float went.  But I could only latch into Roach (although some were pretty nice).

There was slurping and bubbles.  The carp wanted more, just like Homer in The Simpsons.

Then, the float sank, the strike came.  He was on.  Once more I steered as best I could but before making the roots I had lost him.  The hook had slipped again.

I didn't mind too much.  I had caught a few.

I realised just how greedy Carp are.  They would have kept munching if I had more casters!

I had a good day overall.  I didn't catch loads but it was fun all the same.  3 Carp and a few nice Roach.  I will be back for moor!

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