Saturday, 17 June 2017

Swimming Trunks

At last, I can return to the river.  Commercials are fine but for me the river is where it is truly at.  Nothing beats that orange tip gently floating down the river before sliding under with a nice plump Chub on the end (hopefully).

After purchasing my all new yellow Glaston Manor AA license I headed over to Lydford.  I was allowed out for about 3 hours - not long enough but it would have to do.

I have to say I was excited.  My first port of call would be Lydford mill pond.  Bites come thick and fast here.  I didnt want to blank after all...

As I reached my destination I noted about 10 people stood on the bridge, another 10 jumping in, half a dozen sat on the bank...

My heart sank.  The Mill Pond was out, the area opposite the church was out.

I noticed 2 chaps with rods walking up stream.  I followed.


There were small Chub lazily swimming about, but despite my best efforts I only manged a couple of bits which I missed and then nothing... They werent interested... Hmmmm.

Thoughts of a first of the season blank worried me so much that I braved it and battered my way through the hoards of semi clothed swimmers, through some very tall and angry looking stinging nettles and down to the mill stream that runs out of the millpond.  Its hard to get to and bathers would be taking their life into their own hands going through the nettles.

The plan worked.  I was alone at last.  I found a slightly deeper hole and cast in.  Bites came quickly nut I couldnt connect.

Finally the sweetcorn did its magic and...

The first of the season (stupid face is for comedic effect)

Time was ticking on a bit and some of the horde had gone.  I waded up to the millpond.  On the way I miscalculated the depth of the stream and got everything wet including my new phone...

New phone shot with water damage...

At the millpond I cast in next to a large tree trunk which had been washed over the weir.  The float sank....

A fine little Chublet

There were plenty of bites around the trunk.

I did catch a 3rd but as I was bringing him in the tip of my rod got wrapped round a branch causing a right mess with a dangling fish and line everywhere.  I quickly unhooked the poor blighter and didnt take a photo.  He had been through enough for one day!

So, it wasn't a perfect start but luckily the trunk saved the day.  Lets hope there is less swimming next time.

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