Thursday, 1 June 2017

Wild Goose Chase

After a bit of planning, the bro-in-law and myself decided to meet at Edneys Fishery near Mells.

The problems started early.  Mells doesn't actually exist.  Whilst driving around aimlessly I had visions of little Hobbit Holes and wizards.  But then Jase phoned and said he was at this mysterious place.  Could I find it?  Could I f***!!!

Jase is a calm and friendly chap and I think he finds me quite amusing.  Basically Edneys was out anyway, the swim was very weedy and fishing was going to be difficult.  

Next stop was Cuckoos rest which also didnt exist.  Even the sat nav was bemused...

After driving round looking at nice green fields Jase phoned up - It was closed...

Things were looking a bit grim, would we get a wet line at all?

After some more internet searching we discovered Rode Hill Fishery.  It was that or nothing.

Well, upon arrival we were both very pleased.  The Middle Lake is stunning.  Tree lined with a lovely wild feel to it.  We both unloaded and after a good chat with the keen owner we started fishing (unfortunately I fell into a hole and twisted my ankle, it hurt like hell but I'm a brave boy and continued on).

Despite the fish moving about (big ones at that!) I couldnt get anything, not even a little knock.  The fish were obviously wise.   Jase had a couple of runs.  After a while I moved to the New Lake, which is new (surprisingly).  It needs a bit of time to bed in as it looks a bit harsh at the moment, give it a while and it will look great.

The bites came fast and furious here.  Little Carp, Roach and even Gudgeon were going for anything that moved.  Both the float and ledger were getting utterly hammered.

Loads of nice little Carp 

 2 little Gudgeon caught

Some better sizes as well 

Check him out - bet he gets all the ladies

Meanwhile Jase decided to join me.  He had caught a beauty on the other lake!


Jases day went much the same as mine.  Loads of dinky Carp.  Non stop!

Check out that fin.

I also caught a good number of Roach on top of the Carp.  It ended up at around 15 Carp, best size about 3ibs, most between 1 and 2ibs.  Plus the same number of Roach.  It was great fun, and in a few years I could well imagine some bigger fellas making an appearance.

Its a great find and not too far away either.  For some reason I forgot to take photos of the venue, but there are some official ones here...

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