Tuesday, 11 July 2017

A Marginal Victory

Sunday saw me heading over to Lands end fishery.  It was time for a comeback round. There was no doubt that Sidney's lake had won rounds 1 and 2 (please see previous entries). Despite the bigger carp smacking me all over the lake last time, with hook pulls, tangled line and snags I still braved round 3...

There is no doubt that this little lake is packed with some great fish.  But getting them in was another matter.

With this in mind I immediately removed some of the threats.  Firstly I chose different swim to normal.  One with a lot less weed!  Hopefully keeping tangles to a minimum.

Secondly I didn't cast far with either rod.  Just 2 or 3 meters away,  tight to the margin.

I was quietly confident.  Especially I was the only one on the lake.  Perfect.

Just me!

I pushed on some sweetcorn on the method rig and banded on a pellet as well.  Thefeeder was a combo of fushmeal and crushed up pellets.

I cast this one to my left.  Then my float set up with a nice piece of luncheon meat on the end to my right. I also flicked in some fushmeal and a sliver of meat.

The float got the first look in.

Ended up with a good bunch of these

A few nice Rudd also joined in.  Again on the float.

 A fair few of these as well

Check out those red fins. Nice.

Meanwhile the feeder remained silent.

Time passed and I was getting a lot of action on the float with a few more Skimmers and some little Chub (I think)

Little Chub I think

Then the bite alarm bleeped loudly and the reel went spinning.  It was a very aggressive run.  But it wasn't to be. After a minute or so the hook fell out...  Sidney's lake is always a bad sport!

I moaned bit then carried on.

Luckily the meat was attracting some chunky Carp but still it was the silvers getting there before their larger brethren.

I slid on a hunk of meat and hoped it would stay on.  A very gentle cast in the margin and a few seconds later the float sunk amongst a very large swirl of water.

The line slowly span out.  Then as I put up some resistance the carp got angry.

A good 15 minute tug of war ensued.  Eventually he popped up his head.  And what a big head it was!

Weighing in at just under 12ibs - A new PB! Finally I had some success at Sidney's.

A lost Carp and the 12ib beaut :-)

I took a bit of a break, feeling pleased with myself.  But it wasnt over!  10 minutes later I was into a Mirror!

A lively devil.  He nearly did me in some weeds but I held it together!

After all the excitement it went quiet.  It was getting extremely hot and both the luncheon meat and my pale white skin looked a little raw.  A few more Rudd and Bream did appear but I had to admit defeat.  The sun was punishing me!

Not that it mattered. Fishing the margins had been great fun and for once I had the victory at Sidney's.

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