Monday, 31 July 2017

Beautiful Rain

Oh come to me beautiful rain.  This song pushed through my brain as I drove through Shepton Mallet.  It was absolutely belting it down.  My Go-Kart windscreen wipers tore back and forth but they were no match for the torrent - and I was going fishing...

I headed over to Lydford Millpond as it does offer some shelter against the rain.  Luckily when I got there the worst of it had passed.  I pushed on through the graveyard and slid down the rather perilous bank to the water's edge.

I slapped on a worm and cast out about 3 meters into the now swollen pool.

Bosh - the float went straight under!

A hungry chublet in the bag (or net).  Unfortunately he flipped out of my net before I could photograph him.

A few more bites came, which I duly missed.

Then a better one finally latched on.

Little scrapper this one

I had a rather frustrating time missing bites and losing 2 off the hook.  But it didnt really matter...

Just being here is good - catching fish is a bonus!

I caught 5 small Chub in total plus a Dace (I think).  All in some dramatic weather - but I'm an all weather angler #hardcore.  

Rain or no rain I'm all over it :-)

Dace! (I think)

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