Saturday, 22 July 2017

Diving in

After a small break from the fishing I was keen to get out onto the river.  I didnt have a lot of time as I'm off to sunny Majorca for a week.  Hooray!

I went and collected some wriggly worms from the tackle shop and then headed over to the River Sheppey (finally I'm fishing the river that inspired the blog in the first place!).

I tried a few areas a bit further up at Fenney Castle but not even a knock.  So I went to my favourite spot by the bridge on the bend.  A beautiful spot fringed with willow trees and 5 Kestrels today!

This was better! I trotted down the river with a little float - it sank and I hooked into something.  I say something as the hook fell out.

I tried again - this time I was into something which had some fight in it.  I reached back for the landing net.  As I did so the fish made a break for the near bank. I stepped closer and pushed the landing net into the tangle underneath me - It worked, he shot out.  Then I dived in...

I lost my footing and in I went.  It was f****** freezing.  Fish still on a hauled myself back onto dry land, wet from top to bottom.  My heart sank as I remembered my new phone now drowned in my pocket...

Nevertheless I got him in and what a beauty he was. Around 2ibs.

I was sodden, my phone was broken but a small caveat was the beautiful golden coloued Chub.  It was almost worth diving in for.

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