Saturday, 8 July 2017

Here's one I made earlier

Made up rods seem to be all the rage.  I have joined in on this (quite sensible) craze.  Unfortunately my Peugeot 107 struggles to get a carp rod in it unless half of it is poking out of the passenger side window...

So my compromise is to break the rod down but keep all the line, feeder etc stoll on.  It would make everything soooo much quicker (ahem)

I toyed with the idea of doing a spot of fishing on The Sheppey but it is really clogged with weed and doesn't hold a lot of water at the moment.  Fishing it would be tricky indeed.

My fall back was Emerald Pool (I'm not sponsored by them just in case you wondered).

I went for Jade Lake in the top left corner.  Four or five Carp were cruising about which was a good sign.

Nice tucked away spot

I triumphantly pieced my rod back together, except i couldn't.  There was twisted and tangled line everywhere.  I persevered for a bit but it was no use.  So much for a quick start...

After cutting the line and starting again I placed a 20g method feeder packed with damp pellets and fishmeal and a banded piece of sweetcorn along with a couple of casters on the hook. Yum!

I also set up a simple float rig.  I try and put as few shots on as possible as the more you have the more tangles you seem to get.  2 BBs was perfect.

The float sunk almost immediately and a Skimmer came floating to the top.  There are loads of em in here.  I trickled in a few grains of corn along with a few casters.  Soon the tell tale swirls of carp were rippling at the surface.

The float sunk again.   Skimmer about half a pound (repeat many times for an accurate idea of how the afternoon went).

Skimmers everywhere!!!!

All was quiet on the method so I dragged it in.  Only to find... A SKIMMER!  What a surprise (repeat this lots of times for an accurate description of the afternoon).

I reckon I had close to 20ibs of Skimmers, all between half a pound and 1 pound.  Even though there were some chunky carp about it didn't put the little blighters off!

Somehow a Rudd managed to get a brief look in to add a smidge of variety.

Shame I didnt get some more

Then I stuck into a carp.  He bolted towards the reeds on the left and then the hook fell out.  Bugger.

Back to more Skimmers then...

The end of the day was fast approaching.  I balled in my last odds and ends.  Even bunging on 2 grains of corn wouldn't put the Skimmers off.  Greedy buggers.

Then, finally a big swirl, the float vanished and a hard fighting fellow on the end.  A good 10 minute fight ensued.  Finally I got him in the net.

2 pieces of sweetcorn was to much to resist :-)

Overall another good day at Emerald Pool.  I would have liked to have caught some of the big bream in there.  But you cant have everything.

As for "heres one I made earlier" rods?  Well they don't work in my Go-Kart sadly...

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