Sunday, 2 July 2017

Variety is the spice of life

So after a brief break last weekend at Center Parcs (see if you like Badgers and Jays) I was itching to get beside the water.  I really should have gone river fishing what with the new season and all.  But that old devil Emerald Pool was occupying my thoughts.  In the end I gave in and early on Saturday I found myself on the banks of Emerald Pool.

I farted about a bit, changing pegs and generally being indecisive before finally settling in.  I chose Emerald Pool in the end (thats Emerald Pool in Emerald Pool fishery, look at the website and it all makes sense...)

How can you say no?

I thought I would give the method a go along with my trusty float.  I cast the method near the island opposite and the float went in closer to the middle water in front.  I balled in a bit of stodgy groundbait and waited.  It took a little while for a bite (a little while at Emerald Pool is anything above 5 minutes!).

The float sank and I missed, the line flicking back on itself and wrapping round the rod tighter than my shorts around my belly after a beer or two.

I cursed a bit and set up again.  This time when the float sunk I was successful.  Skimmer no 1.  I had a bit of a run on the Skimmer front on the float.  The method wasnt left out either with a 10oz Skimmer attached (I didnt even realise until I began winding in!)

Loads of decent Skimmers

My main bait was casters.  I stuffed  as many as I could onto a size 12 hook.  My main reason was to avoid the tiddlers and hopefully catch a nice Roach, Perch or Tench.

The Skimmers kept coming, with some pretty decent sizes hitting a little shy of 1ib.

Attempting some video

Then the method went off, line skidded out.  A carp for sure.  Now this is where I made another mess of things.  Ive got an action cam which I had brought with me.  I decided to switch it on and record half way through the fight.  But as I went backwards to try and get the thing switched on the tip of my rod tangled in the trees above.  I tried to sort it but it was too late.  Moments later the carp had done me in. Bugger.

I dusted my self down and didnt give up.  I'm glad I didnt get to angry as the float sunk and this beauty ended up in the net. Just shy of 1ib - a new Roach pb.  My annoyance and turned to happiness just like that!  

Oh yes!!!

But it wasnt over.  Later on the alarm went and a strong critter was pulling hard.  I had 8ib line on so could confidently bring it in (along with an underwater log).

My 2nd favourite fish (Perch number 1)

A few nice Rudd popped up along with a few more Skimmers.  I was really pleased with the variety of fish on offer.

One of a few nice Rudd

Finally, just before packing up the alarm shouted out.  I picked up and was into a feisty Carp.  In typical fashion he fought like a brute but eventually got tired.

A nice chunk to finish the day

I wanted to stay for the evening but family called and my wife is a bit badass when I'm late, so with some reluctance I packed up.

So it was Bream, Rudd, Roach, Tench and Carp.  A nice mixed bag.  Variety is what its all about.

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