Saturday, 26 August 2017

Upping The Ant(e)

Last week I took a trip up to Emerald Pool Fishery.  I don't really need any excuses to go here as it always fishes well and is kept in nice condition.  I headed for Emerald lake as I fancied some variety, aside from the Carp there are Perch and some nice Roach as well.

A chap fishing on Sapphire popped over covered in flying black ants.  They had hatched in the tree above him!  He was forced to move to another spot as his unwanted guests were everywhere!

An hour later it started raining, but not water - Ants!  Thousands of the little blighters fell from the tree above, dropping all over me and in the water in front.  It was a blessing in disguise.  The Carp swiftly homed in on the free meal and soon mouths were gulping down some nice fresh ants!

I took advantage and had 3 Carp within half an hour, plus some bonus Roach.

Some of which can be seen below.

Another great session.  Next time I'm going to up the ante and go for Jade.  Potential to be my PB of 12ibs in this water.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

The only way is up

So after a dreadful session at Landsend Fishery a week or so ago.  I thought it best to try again.  Last time I only caught a roach and lost a carp.  Almost impossible at such a heavily stocked fishery with loads of hungry mouths!

My excuse?  Extremely heavy rainfall the night before. Perhaps it had cooled the water down? Maybe the fish didn't like the rain?  Or maybe I was just fishing very badly?
Either way.  The only way was up from here...

Luckily things were on the up this time round with plenty of good silvers and a few Carp.  The best of which are shown here...

Sunday, 13 August 2017

F1 Championship

Once more I was heading out with bro in law. This time it was to the famous Viaduct Fishery.  Some if the weights from here are just amazing. So a good days fishing is very likely.

Unfortunately I can't get over Match Lake and ended up decamping on Peg 50. Jase  set up behind me on Middle with an eye for the island swim opposite.

Things were quiet for me although I did miss some good bites on the float.  I had Caster on and sweetcorn on the cage feeder (a diddly one I bought the other day). The feeder itself was stuffed with fishmeal and pellets.

Meanwhile Jase was having a lot more success with boilies out to the island... 

Meanwhile I finally hooked into a Bream. 

I then had a bit of a run with Bream and hard fighting F1s finding the net.  Both from the feeder and float. I do like these plucky fish.  Not sure why they are named after racing sports though!

Unfortunately my bite alarm fell apart (so had attempted to fix it with Gorilla glue but it didn't work) . So I borrowed Jase's one instead.

Strange that the feeder was successful here where as at Shiplate I only got a couple of Bream and everything else on the float.

Nevertheless I had a good time on Match. Next time I'm moving to a different lake (honest!).

Monday, 7 August 2017

Heavy Weight Victory

Today it was the dynamic duo in action with Brother-In-Law, Jase joining me for a trip to Shiplate Fishery.  A first for both of us.  I have to say that my expectations were quite high as I have heard loads of good things about it.

I got lost on the way meaning I was a bit late.  Jase was set up already.  I have to say the owners were great and helpfully gave me a peg opposite Jases.  I was on Hawthorns and Jase was on main.

I set up my method feeder and float rod.  Method went out towards the middle and float was fished just to my right only a few feet away from me, close to the margin.

It wasn't long before the silvers started flowing.  Roach and Rudd in the main. All on casters. Nothing huge but fun all the same.  There was plenty of fizzing around the float. Every so often i plopped in a handful of corn or fish meal, they were loving it.

My favourite - Perch.

Meanwhile Jase's alarm went off and he was into a fine 7ib Carp.

Nice scales.

As the day progressed I swapped to meat and...

Heaviest fish of the day 15ibs 

Small but perfectly formed (thats what she said)

A selection of the many Carp caught...

The feeder had started to attract some tidy Bream, 4 in all around 1ib each.  Very nice.

8ibs at the end of the day

What a day it had been, despite suffering some sun related burns and headaches we were both pleased to have got such heavy weights.  I reckon I was close to the 100ib mark.  Now that is heavy weight.