Sunday, 13 August 2017

F1 Championship

Once more I was heading out with bro in law. This time it was to the famous Viaduct Fishery.  Some if the weights from here are just amazing. So a good days fishing is very likely.

Unfortunately I can't get over Match Lake and ended up decamping on Peg 50. Jase  set up behind me on Middle with an eye for the island swim opposite.

Things were quiet for me although I did miss some good bites on the float.  I had Caster on and sweetcorn on the cage feeder (a diddly one I bought the other day). The feeder itself was stuffed with fishmeal and pellets.

Meanwhile Jase was having a lot more success with boilies out to the island... 

Meanwhile I finally hooked into a Bream. 

I then had a bit of a run with Bream and hard fighting F1s finding the net.  Both from the feeder and float. I do like these plucky fish.  Not sure why they are named after racing sports though!

Unfortunately my bite alarm fell apart (so had attempted to fix it with Gorilla glue but it didn't work) . So I borrowed Jase's one instead.

Strange that the feeder was successful here where as at Shiplate I only got a couple of Bream and everything else on the float.

Nevertheless I had a good time on Match. Next time I'm moving to a different lake (honest!).

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