Monday, 7 August 2017

Heavy Weight Victory

Today it was the dynamic duo in action with Brother-In-Law, Jase joining me for a trip to Shiplate Fishery.  A first for both of us.  I have to say that my expectations were quite high as I have heard loads of good things about it.

I got lost on the way meaning I was a bit late.  Jase was set up already.  I have to say the owners were great and helpfully gave me a peg opposite Jases.  I was on Hawthorns and Jase was on main.

I set up my method feeder and float rod.  Method went out towards the middle and float was fished just to my right only a few feet away from me, close to the margin.

It wasn't long before the silvers started flowing.  Roach and Rudd in the main. All on casters. Nothing huge but fun all the same.  There was plenty of fizzing around the float. Every so often i plopped in a handful of corn or fish meal, they were loving it.

My favourite - Perch.

Meanwhile Jase's alarm went off and he was into a fine 7ib Carp.

Nice scales.

As the day progressed I swapped to meat and...

Heaviest fish of the day 15ibs 

Small but perfectly formed (thats what she said)

A selection of the many Carp caught...

The feeder had started to attract some tidy Bream, 4 in all around 1ib each.  Very nice.

8ibs at the end of the day

What a day it had been, despite suffering some sun related burns and headaches we were both pleased to have got such heavy weights.  I reckon I was close to the 100ib mark.  Now that is heavy weight.

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