Monday, 25 September 2017


Its been a while... Well actually it hasn't.  I went to Bullock Farm last weekend after some serious amounts of rainfall.  I have found that this can put the fish off a bit and it was no different.  I had a few silvers but it was pretty poor fishing.  I will blame the weather, makes me feel better about myself.  In addition I forgot to put the sound on whilst making the video to go with it.  So in the end I realised all was lost and just scratched it from history entirely.

Which brings us to the present (almost).  My Ex Boss Kevin was keen for an outing so I suggested Emerald Pool Fishery as its stuffed with fish and always provides a good bit of fishing.

I arrived on Saturday morning and so had a lot of other anglers.  My plan was to get a nice Perch in Ruby but it was packed to the rafters with fisherman so I opted for Jade, near to Kevin who had already caught a 10ib carp before I had arrived!

I set up a simple float rig with natural baits attached to the end (I rotated between caster, maggot and worm).  The result?

Pretty damn decent.  40+ Skimmers, some small, some about half a pound and some 1ib upwards.

5 Carp (my biggest 8 ibs)

A nice Perch which made my day, along with some fine Roach and a few hybrids.  Plus a Motherless Minnow caught on triple caster!!!!

But (there is always a but) I lost 7(!) carp.  All with the hook pinging out, a couple right at the bankside.  Annoying but if it was too easy it would get boring.

I've pieced together a video.  Sorry its not very good quality - I'm trying to get better.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Copy and Paste

After a good read on the latest Angling Times I decided to do a copy and paste job.  An excellent but simple article on green paste got me very interested.  I have never used paste and it look dead easy to make.  So off I went to The awesome Viaduct Fishery.  A quick purchase of some Bait Tech green groundbait in the onsite shop (thanks Matt) and a quick trundle down to Match Lake.  

Then off I went!  Mixing and mashing the bait into a bit of lake water.  I let it settle for a bit.  Whilst I was waiting I chucked in a small amount of sweetcorn and I added a grain to the hook.  After about 10 minutes the float twitched and sank.  A very nice Bream to start.

I then tried the paste... It was a bit annoying as it kept falling off.  I had been a bit slap dash making it up.  But when it stayed on I was getting bites every few minutes.  The Bream in particular just kept coming with loads of Skimmers and some proper "chunks".

I swapped out to meat for a bit of variety.  The F1's liked this a lot and I was kept very busy!

The main highlights are shown below.  Many thanks to Angling Times for the info which I readily copied and pasted...

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Lifting The Lyd

Today I went to my favourite fishing spot (indeed one of my favourite spots anywhere!)

The beautiful Mill Pond at Lydford.  It doesn't look particularly amazing fishing wise at the moment as the water level is fairly low.  But I was still confident - it has never let me down in high water or low.

The Kingfisher watched from his jutting perch as I slid down the super steep bank and crashed down, box flying rod bending, line almost snapping.

Dusting myself down I set up my Derwent Valley float rod - such a great rod.  Very delicate but handles like a dream.

Ledgering here isn't a good idea as there are a lot of large rocks and roots under that foaming water.

It isnt deep (at the moment), probably 3 foot at the deepest point, which is where I put my bait - cheese=paste or sweetcorn (I swapped between the two).

Both proved quite effective.  In the 2 hours I was there I caught 5 or 6 Chub, a Gudgeon and a very greedy Minnow!

I have no doubt that this place does hold some surprises.  Indeed, not to long ago I had a very nice Roach of about 10ozs.  The place screams Brown Trout but it hasn't happened (yet).  

I will keep at it and hopefully lift the Lyd on what lives in this lovely mill pond.