Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Copy and Paste

After a good read on the latest Angling Times I decided to do a copy and paste job.  An excellent but simple article on green paste got me very interested.  I have never used paste and it look dead easy to make.  So off I went to The awesome Viaduct Fishery.  A quick purchase of some Bait Tech green groundbait in the onsite shop (thanks Matt) and a quick trundle down to Match Lake.  

Then off I went!  Mixing and mashing the bait into a bit of lake water.  I let it settle for a bit.  Whilst I was waiting I chucked in a small amount of sweetcorn and I added a grain to the hook.  After about 10 minutes the float twitched and sank.  A very nice Bream to start.

I then tried the paste... It was a bit annoying as it kept falling off.  I had been a bit slap dash making it up.  But when it stayed on I was getting bites every few minutes.  The Bream in particular just kept coming with loads of Skimmers and some proper "chunks".

I swapped out to meat for a bit of variety.  The F1's liked this a lot and I was kept very busy!

The main highlights are shown below.  Many thanks to Angling Times for the info which I readily copied and pasted...

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