Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Lifting The Lyd

Today I went to my favourite fishing spot (indeed one of my favourite spots anywhere!)

The beautiful Mill Pond at Lydford.  It doesn't look particularly amazing fishing wise at the moment as the water level is fairly low.  But I was still confident - it has never let me down in high water or low.

The Kingfisher watched from his jutting perch as I slid down the super steep bank and crashed down, box flying rod bending, line almost snapping.

Dusting myself down I set up my Derwent Valley float rod - such a great rod.  Very delicate but handles like a dream.

Ledgering here isn't a good idea as there are a lot of large rocks and roots under that foaming water.

It isnt deep (at the moment), probably 3 foot at the deepest point, which is where I put my bait - cheese=paste or sweetcorn (I swapped between the two).

Both proved quite effective.  In the 2 hours I was there I caught 5 or 6 Chub, a Gudgeon and a very greedy Minnow!

I have no doubt that this place does hold some surprises.  Indeed, not to long ago I had a very nice Roach of about 10ozs.  The place screams Brown Trout but it hasn't happened (yet).  

I will keep at it and hopefully lift the Lyd on what lives in this lovely mill pond.

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