Monday, 25 September 2017


Its been a while... Well actually it hasn't.  I went to Bullock Farm last weekend after some serious amounts of rainfall.  I have found that this can put the fish off a bit and it was no different.  I had a few silvers but it was pretty poor fishing.  I will blame the weather, makes me feel better about myself.  In addition I forgot to put the sound on whilst making the video to go with it.  So in the end I realised all was lost and just scratched it from history entirely.

Which brings us to the present (almost).  My Ex Boss Kevin was keen for an outing so I suggested Emerald Pool Fishery as its stuffed with fish and always provides a good bit of fishing.

I arrived on Saturday morning and so had a lot of other anglers.  My plan was to get a nice Perch in Ruby but it was packed to the rafters with fisherman so I opted for Jade, near to Kevin who had already caught a 10ib carp before I had arrived!

I set up a simple float rig with natural baits attached to the end (I rotated between caster, maggot and worm).  The result?

Pretty damn decent.  40+ Skimmers, some small, some about half a pound and some 1ib upwards.

5 Carp (my biggest 8 ibs)

A nice Perch which made my day, along with some fine Roach and a few hybrids.  Plus a Motherless Minnow caught on triple caster!!!!

But (there is always a but) I lost 7(!) carp.  All with the hook pinging out, a couple right at the bankside.  Annoying but if it was too easy it would get boring.

I've pieced together a video.  Sorry its not very good quality - I'm trying to get better.

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