Saturday, 28 October 2017

Met My Match

The unusually mild weather certainly wont last so I made the most of it and headed down to Viaduct Fishery Match Lake (I nearly plumped for Cary Lake but bottled out).  The problem is that Match Lake normally offers a busy session, has a lot of variety and has some double figure Carp in it.

I baited up quite heavily with casters and reanimated zombie maggots, back from the dead after being frozen for 3 days.  I also balled in some small balls of Dark Groundbait from my local tackle shop (Thatchers).

I also jammed some of this mix into a feeder and through that out with casters on the end.  I also fished casters on the float a bit closer in.

 View from Peg 51

And from behind. Lovely.

I had a run on the feeder in the first 10 seconds, but missed it.  A positive sign though.

After 10 minutes the float began to twitch and bob.


A few of these came to the net

The feeder had been totally dead so I switched to corn and cast a bit closer to the central island, resulting in some angry F1s.




All the commotion around the float attracted a nice Perch in search of some easy dinner.

Need to catch more of these

After this the float sank so many times but I really struggled to strike into any of them.  Some were bigger fish as there was the tell-tale swirls at the surface.  I have to say I was getting a bit irate.  The I finally hit into a Carp which promptly zipped off and tangled me on a low lying tree.  The only bit of luck was the fact that I managed to get all my tackle back including the hook.

5 minutes later the alarm went off and I was into a nice Carp.  After a hard scrap \I got him by the platform where the hook promptly flew out and the line tangled behind my head  Had I simply met my match today?

As the day drew to a close I brought the feeder closer in.  I have watched many times, the Carp coming in later in the day to scoff on discarded treats.  It didnt take long, the alarm went and so did the Carp.  He fought like a super villain.  At one point I thought that the fish version of Bane was on the end. Like Batman I was really struggling with fish Bane and thought I had met my match,  It took me ages to finally subdue him.  A shade over 8ibs.

I thought it was bigger - fought like a tank!

"You fight like a younger man, bold but foolish" 
- Sums  up my fishing style quite well...

Match Lake always delivers something good.  I love it and will happily meet my match any day of the week :-)

Monday, 23 October 2017

Butter Fingers

Regular readers will have deduced that I am not terrible dexterous and often get myself into scrapes and tangles.  Today was to be no different...

I fancied a busy session and was keen to get some quality silvers.  The weather has definitely cooled off and the rain had been falling all night.  Given the situation I figured Ruby lake at Emerald Pool would probably give he best bang for my buck.

Due to the heavy winds and smattering of rain the place was almost empty.  I had Ruby all to myself (don't tell the wife).  Strong blasts whipped across the lake.  I found a spot which offered some shelter and got myself sorted.

I fished with the cage feeder and 2 pieces of corn on the hook.  I aimed it towards the small island a few meters in front and set it on the buzz bars.

I then set up the float rod and set it to about 2 foot (this part of the lake is around about 3 foot).

I bailed in some casters and some sweet groundbait which smelled lovely.

Then I waited.  Surprisingly nothing happened for a good ten minutes.  This is an awful long time on Ruby lake!

I almost moved as the wind changed direction slightly and blew across the swim.  Despite the ripples I stuck with it and plopped in some more casters and maggots (again they had risen from the dead after being in the freezer for a week).

I was careful not to put too much in as the water temp must have dropped quite a bit.

BLLLLEEEEPPPPP - ah ha!  I picked up the carp rod and was into a little scrapper.#

Lookin good.

10 minutes later the float sunk and another small carp angrily sped into the corner before giving out.  At this point I attempted to use the timer on my camera...

Jim Crutchley (me)

Butterball - Hellraiser 2

I fed a little heavier and slowly started to get more bites - many of which were Motherless Minnows.  They are veracious little things.  There were half a dozen attacking a small caster on the surface.

Luckily more of the bigger chaps moved in and I had a good rhythm going with a good number of Commons, Mirrors and F1s coming to the net.  Most came from the feeder.  The double sweetcorn avoiding the tiddlers.

Cheeky F1

This Carp owned a light sabre

 Grass Carp? ;-)

 A few silvers got a bit of a look in

 This Carp's face is blurred as he didnt wish to reveal his identity

A particularly nice Carp nearly tangled me up on the island.  After a scrap on the float rod I got him in.  Around 5ibs - pretty big for the fish in this lake.  Once more I tried the cameras timer...

The moment captured forever... Butterfingers.
(The Carp was unhurt, flying directly back to where he came from...)

Friday, 20 October 2017

Some Mothers Do Av' Em

"You are the Frank Spencer of fishing" was the message I received (via my wife's phone) from the Brother-in-Law. Luckily my wife isnt called Betty.

It is rare for me not to be covered in groundbait, glug and dead maggots when I'm out on the bank

I also do a Frank Spencer special every so often. A few months ago I fell into the river whilst trying to tame a feisty Chub. This resulted in my new phone switching off and falling into a comer for 5 days before a miraculous recovery.

Last Sunday I did it again. This time at The Sedges Fishery near Weston Zoyland. And what a nice place it is. Comprised of 3 lakes, I went for the Canal lake at the back which is filled with smaller critters but would keep me entertained. I'm not really one for waiting about for hours.

Nice view for an afternoon

I set up the float rod and stuck on a bunch of nice brown casters. Bites came thick and fast but I couldnt hit into any of them. I had a feeling the tiddlers were out in force.

After some frustration I set up the feeder and plonked it by the far bank. 10 minutes kater and I could see the line slowly sinking until it reached the rod tip. Before the bleeper went I was up and into a nice Common Carp. Only 2ibs but I didnt mind. Even at this size the scrap like mad!

Time passed and the float sank (for the thousanth time...). To my surprise I struck and felt resistance - another little Carp of about 1ib.

You may be wondering why there are no pictures... Let me explain...

The bleeper went and I was into a slightly larger fish. Unfortunately my line got snagged on a low lying Willow tree. I could drag the poor blighter through the branches (most fish dont fly). He was properly stuck.

So I decided to climb along the trunk, landing net in hand. I reached out with the net and scooped in in, but then lost my footing...

In I went, the whole kit and caboodle. It was then I realised my phone was in my pocket...

I unhooked Mr Carp - about 3ibs. I didnt photo him as he was knackered and had been through enough already. With him safely back I turned my attentions to the phone - dead. S***

Despite being soaking and phoneless I kept going for a bit and had one more on the feeder. I photographed him on the action cam.

All the other photos are on my dead phone...

As I write my phone is at the menders. Getting that sorted was a drama and a half. But thats a calamity for another time.

I am a bit hopeless at times, lets be Frank...

Monday, 16 October 2017

Weighting game for the Bro-In-Law

He pre baited, he got hounded by the Bailiff, he blanked but he kept going at it.  Weeks later...

Well done Jase White... 24ibs - What a weight/wait
Great fish, great fishing.

Caught on Crab and Mussel boilie over a few free offerings from a water in Somerset

Get Out!

I love Friday evenings, especially when you get permission to go fishing.  In fact I was told to!  The boss had some mates round and didn't want me cluttering up the place (its like shes embarrassed of me or something...).  "Get out then".  Just like the scene from The Terminator, I did as I was told.

I only had about 90 ish minutes but I would try and make the most of it.

Off to Lydford I went.  The millpond was looking lovely as always and there was a bit of water flowing through.  I wasted no time and cast in - float with corn.  It was the only bait I had!

It wasnt long before a greedy chublet snatched it up, followed by a few more diddlers.  I was hoping for something a bit bigger but given the time limit and bait I was glad to get a few fish.  Especially in such wonderful surroundings.  Its good to get out.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Free & Fantastic

Great quality magazine, stuffed with content and... its free!!!!!

Don't take my word for it.

Download it here

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Forget Me Not

After a small and tentative bit of negotiation with The Boss I managed to get out to Landsend Fishery.  I say managed - it took bloody ages.  There were roads closed, tractors and trailers, not to mention some century year old drivers doddling about.

Anyway, I made it in the end and set up just a float rod on the first peg you come across at Sidneys Lake (it not Peg 1, Ive got 79 in my head but I could just be making it up).

Looks still here but it didn't last.  I ended up going opposite

The wind was blowing a bit but there were some carp occasionally rising.  I popped some casters in and casters on the hook.  There were plenty of swirls but no bites.  Hmmmm...

After an hour I hadn't caught a thing.  With only a couple of very tentative bites to my name I was feeling a bit forlorn.

I fired in a few pellets and a bit of groundbait.  I cast out directly above it.  An all mighty swirl and...

The float went, the line sped off the reel.  I controlled as best I could but then there was an awful crack... The 4ib line gave out.  I had forgotten all about the knot in the line (which was present in the previous post).  The time forgetting the knot cost be dear as it had jammed up against when of the eye rings leading to lost tackle and a lost Carp :-(

I tooled up again and had a few silly little Rudd and a tiddler Roach.

I decided a change of scene was needed and hefted everything to the peg opposite, where there was a lot less wind.  A few more little silvers.  I was struggling.

I decided to change tactics a bit and fish tight to the margin to my left.  I mixed up some groundbait, pellets and corn.  I poured it into the margin.  Creating a lovely smelling slick.

I carefully flicked the float a few meters to my left directly amongst it all.  5 mins later it sank and I was in.

A hefty fella he went straight into the nearby lilies.  Confident I was going to lose him I simply pulled as hard as I could.  Somehow the line held and after a 5 minute tussle I got him in.

Carp selfies don't work... 

Saved me from a completely useless session.  I estimated around 8ibs - I couldn't find my scales.

Next time I will check my kit more thoroughly and not forget me knots...

Thursday, 5 October 2017

The Walking Dead

I've taken to freezing a lot of my unused bait (not in the kitchen freezer, my wife would go mental if I had frozen casters and fishmeal next to the M&S quiche).  Luckily I received an old and rather mould ridden freezer from work.  But it does the job.

On Sunday I emptied everything out (A bit of Special G groundbait, half a pint of casters and the same of red maggots).

It was quite an early start with Jase "The Carp" arriving at 7.30.  We chose The Viaduct as it was one of the few fisheries which wasn't fully booked!

Rather predictably I chose Match Lake (Peg 50) and Jase was behind me fishing on Middle Lake.

What a view for Jase

I popped a nice cluster of casters on the hook and plopped out my float along the right hand margin.  The second rod was cast out into the middle water with a small method filled with Sonubaits dark mix (smells lush).

I popped on a few casters around the float along with small amounts of groundbait.

It took a while, but small knocks appeared on the float.  It sank twice and I missed both.  Third time a Skimmer was attached.  A few more followed which kept me busy.  All on the float.

Some bigger swirls were also rippling across the surface.  Some bigger fellas were moving in.

It was then that I noticed a juicy looking worm sliding through the wet grass.  I grabbed the slitherer and stuck him on the hook.  Moments later the float sunk sharply, popped up again and then vanished.  A quick strike and a huge swirl.  Something big was on the end.  It plodded about, possibly unaware that it was hooked.  The line slow went out as I gently gave some resistance.  I stayed in this weird stalemate for a good 5 minutes.  I had to be careful as I only had 4ib line.

Slowly the lump could be towed towards me.  It was a very slow and delicate operation.  But eventually (with Jases's kind help with the landing net) he was safely banked.  What an absolute stonker.

A new PB! 12.5ibs.

Jase meanwhile was looking a bit peaky and decided to sit it out for a bit.

Zombie infection taking hold

I recomposed myself and carried on fishing.  sing caster and dead maggot... Except they werent dead. Or were they?  Zombie maggots rising from the grave.  Frozen for a week.  Now they had become The walking dead, wriggling around in their tupperware cage.  Absolutely creepy.

Dead or not I piled em in and more Skimmers obliged.

Then the float sunk heavily.  This fish was mad and tore off towards the island.  Then into the near bank, then out into open water.  I thought I had lost it after developing a knot in the line which made the line stick to the rod eyes but it somehow didnt snap.

10ibs on the nose.

I had a bit of a run at this point with a little diddler and a bigger 6ib'er.

Notice my nervous smile.  Jase was turning a bit rotten.

At this point Jase had joined the undead maggots and was looking like he might need to feast on the flesh of the living.  Guarding myself with a slimy landing net I watched as the newest member of the walking dead slowly packed away and shambled off home.

Meanwhile I began catching on the feeder with a very strong litte F1 and a not so strong but larger Bream.

skimmers were out in force with 20+ caught.  Some to about 1ib.  Plus some bonus proper Bream.

 A few Dustbin lids

These litle F1s fight like hell!

I keep saying that I must go on a different lake but I love the busy fishing on Match Lake, plus there are some hefty fish in there.  All in nice and tranquil surroundings disturbed only by noisy Mallards, high pitched Kingfishers and the groans of the walking dead.