Monday, 23 October 2017

Butter Fingers

Regular readers will have deduced that I am not terrible dexterous and often get myself into scrapes and tangles.  Today was to be no different...

I fancied a busy session and was keen to get some quality silvers.  The weather has definitely cooled off and the rain had been falling all night.  Given the situation I figured Ruby lake at Emerald Pool would probably give he best bang for my buck.

Due to the heavy winds and smattering of rain the place was almost empty.  I had Ruby all to myself (don't tell the wife).  Strong blasts whipped across the lake.  I found a spot which offered some shelter and got myself sorted.

I fished with the cage feeder and 2 pieces of corn on the hook.  I aimed it towards the small island a few meters in front and set it on the buzz bars.

I then set up the float rod and set it to about 2 foot (this part of the lake is around about 3 foot).

I bailed in some casters and some sweet groundbait which smelled lovely.

Then I waited.  Surprisingly nothing happened for a good ten minutes.  This is an awful long time on Ruby lake!

I almost moved as the wind changed direction slightly and blew across the swim.  Despite the ripples I stuck with it and plopped in some more casters and maggots (again they had risen from the dead after being in the freezer for a week).

I was careful not to put too much in as the water temp must have dropped quite a bit.

BLLLLEEEEPPPPP - ah ha!  I picked up the carp rod and was into a little scrapper.#

Lookin good.

10 minutes later the float sunk and another small carp angrily sped into the corner before giving out.  At this point I attempted to use the timer on my camera...

Jim Crutchley (me)

Butterball - Hellraiser 2

I fed a little heavier and slowly started to get more bites - many of which were Motherless Minnows.  They are veracious little things.  There were half a dozen attacking a small caster on the surface.

Luckily more of the bigger chaps moved in and I had a good rhythm going with a good number of Commons, Mirrors and F1s coming to the net.  Most came from the feeder.  The double sweetcorn avoiding the tiddlers.

Cheeky F1

This Carp owned a light sabre

 Grass Carp? ;-)

 A few silvers got a bit of a look in

 This Carp's face is blurred as he didnt wish to reveal his identity

A particularly nice Carp nearly tangled me up on the island.  After a scrap on the float rod I got him in.  Around 5ibs - pretty big for the fish in this lake.  Once more I tried the cameras timer...

The moment captured forever... Butterfingers.
(The Carp was unhurt, flying directly back to where he came from...)

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