Sunday, 8 October 2017

Forget Me Not

After a small and tentative bit of negotiation with The Boss I managed to get out to Landsend Fishery.  I say managed - it took bloody ages.  There were roads closed, tractors and trailers, not to mention some century year old drivers doddling about.

Anyway, I made it in the end and set up just a float rod on the first peg you come across at Sidneys Lake (it not Peg 1, Ive got 79 in my head but I could just be making it up).

Looks still here but it didn't last.  I ended up going opposite

The wind was blowing a bit but there were some carp occasionally rising.  I popped some casters in and casters on the hook.  There were plenty of swirls but no bites.  Hmmmm...

After an hour I hadn't caught a thing.  With only a couple of very tentative bites to my name I was feeling a bit forlorn.

I fired in a few pellets and a bit of groundbait.  I cast out directly above it.  An all mighty swirl and...

The float went, the line sped off the reel.  I controlled as best I could but then there was an awful crack... The 4ib line gave out.  I had forgotten all about the knot in the line (which was present in the previous post).  The time forgetting the knot cost be dear as it had jammed up against when of the eye rings leading to lost tackle and a lost Carp :-(

I tooled up again and had a few silly little Rudd and a tiddler Roach.

I decided a change of scene was needed and hefted everything to the peg opposite, where there was a lot less wind.  A few more little silvers.  I was struggling.

I decided to change tactics a bit and fish tight to the margin to my left.  I mixed up some groundbait, pellets and corn.  I poured it into the margin.  Creating a lovely smelling slick.

I carefully flicked the float a few meters to my left directly amongst it all.  5 mins later it sank and I was in.

A hefty fella he went straight into the nearby lilies.  Confident I was going to lose him I simply pulled as hard as I could.  Somehow the line held and after a 5 minute tussle I got him in.

Carp selfies don't work... 

Saved me from a completely useless session.  I estimated around 8ibs - I couldn't find my scales.

Next time I will check my kit more thoroughly and not forget me knots...

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