Monday, 16 October 2017

Get Out!

I love Friday evenings, especially when you get permission to go fishing.  In fact I was told to!  The boss had some mates round and didn't want me cluttering up the place (its like shes embarrassed of me or something...).  "Get out then".  Just like the scene from The Terminator, I did as I was told.

I only had about 90 ish minutes but I would try and make the most of it.

Off to Lydford I went.  The millpond was looking lovely as always and there was a bit of water flowing through.  I wasted no time and cast in - float with corn.  It was the only bait I had!

It wasnt long before a greedy chublet snatched it up, followed by a few more diddlers.  I was hoping for something a bit bigger but given the time limit and bait I was glad to get a few fish.  Especially in such wonderful surroundings.  Its good to get out.

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