Saturday, 28 October 2017

Met My Match

The unusually mild weather certainly wont last so I made the most of it and headed down to Viaduct Fishery Match Lake (I nearly plumped for Cary Lake but bottled out).  The problem is that Match Lake normally offers a busy session, has a lot of variety and has some double figure Carp in it.

I baited up quite heavily with casters and reanimated zombie maggots, back from the dead after being frozen for 3 days.  I also balled in some small balls of Dark Groundbait from my local tackle shop (Thatchers).

I also jammed some of this mix into a feeder and through that out with casters on the end.  I also fished casters on the float a bit closer in.

 View from Peg 51

And from behind. Lovely.

I had a run on the feeder in the first 10 seconds, but missed it.  A positive sign though.

After 10 minutes the float began to twitch and bob.


A few of these came to the net

The feeder had been totally dead so I switched to corn and cast a bit closer to the central island, resulting in some angry F1s.




All the commotion around the float attracted a nice Perch in search of some easy dinner.

Need to catch more of these

After this the float sank so many times but I really struggled to strike into any of them.  Some were bigger fish as there was the tell-tale swirls at the surface.  I have to say I was getting a bit irate.  The I finally hit into a Carp which promptly zipped off and tangled me on a low lying tree.  The only bit of luck was the fact that I managed to get all my tackle back including the hook.

5 minutes later the alarm went off and I was into a nice Carp.  After a hard scrap \I got him by the platform where the hook promptly flew out and the line tangled behind my head  Had I simply met my match today?

As the day drew to a close I brought the feeder closer in.  I have watched many times, the Carp coming in later in the day to scoff on discarded treats.  It didnt take long, the alarm went and so did the Carp.  He fought like a super villain.  At one point I thought that the fish version of Bane was on the end. Like Batman I was really struggling with fish Bane and thought I had met my match,  It took me ages to finally subdue him.  A shade over 8ibs.

I thought it was bigger - fought like a tank!

"You fight like a younger man, bold but foolish" 
- Sums  up my fishing style quite well...

Match Lake always delivers something good.  I love it and will happily meet my match any day of the week :-)

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