Friday, 20 October 2017

Some Mothers Do Av' Em

"You are the Frank Spencer of fishing" was the message I received (via my wife's phone) from the Brother-in-Law. Luckily my wife isnt called Betty.

It is rare for me not to be covered in groundbait, glug and dead maggots when I'm out on the bank

I also do a Frank Spencer special every so often. A few months ago I fell into the river whilst trying to tame a feisty Chub. This resulted in my new phone switching off and falling into a comer for 5 days before a miraculous recovery.

Last Sunday I did it again. This time at The Sedges Fishery near Weston Zoyland. And what a nice place it is. Comprised of 3 lakes, I went for the Canal lake at the back which is filled with smaller critters but would keep me entertained. I'm not really one for waiting about for hours.

Nice view for an afternoon

I set up the float rod and stuck on a bunch of nice brown casters. Bites came thick and fast but I couldnt hit into any of them. I had a feeling the tiddlers were out in force.

After some frustration I set up the feeder and plonked it by the far bank. 10 minutes kater and I could see the line slowly sinking until it reached the rod tip. Before the bleeper went I was up and into a nice Common Carp. Only 2ibs but I didnt mind. Even at this size the scrap like mad!

Time passed and the float sank (for the thousanth time...). To my surprise I struck and felt resistance - another little Carp of about 1ib.

You may be wondering why there are no pictures... Let me explain...

The bleeper went and I was into a slightly larger fish. Unfortunately my line got snagged on a low lying Willow tree. I could drag the poor blighter through the branches (most fish dont fly). He was properly stuck.

So I decided to climb along the trunk, landing net in hand. I reached out with the net and scooped in in, but then lost my footing...

In I went, the whole kit and caboodle. It was then I realised my phone was in my pocket...

I unhooked Mr Carp - about 3ibs. I didnt photo him as he was knackered and had been through enough already. With him safely back I turned my attentions to the phone - dead. S***

Despite being soaking and phoneless I kept going for a bit and had one more on the feeder. I photographed him on the action cam.

All the other photos are on my dead phone...

As I write my phone is at the menders. Getting that sorted was a drama and a half. But thats a calamity for another time.

I am a bit hopeless at times, lets be Frank...

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