Thursday, 5 October 2017

The Walking Dead

I've taken to freezing a lot of my unused bait (not in the kitchen freezer, my wife would go mental if I had frozen casters and fishmeal next to the M&S quiche).  Luckily I received an old and rather mould ridden freezer from work.  But it does the job.

On Sunday I emptied everything out (A bit of Special G groundbait, half a pint of casters and the same of red maggots).

It was quite an early start with Jase "The Carp" arriving at 7.30.  We chose The Viaduct as it was one of the few fisheries which wasn't fully booked!

Rather predictably I chose Match Lake (Peg 50) and Jase was behind me fishing on Middle Lake.

What a view for Jase

I popped a nice cluster of casters on the hook and plopped out my float along the right hand margin.  The second rod was cast out into the middle water with a small method filled with Sonubaits dark mix (smells lush).

I popped on a few casters around the float along with small amounts of groundbait.

It took a while, but small knocks appeared on the float.  It sank twice and I missed both.  Third time a Skimmer was attached.  A few more followed which kept me busy.  All on the float.

Some bigger swirls were also rippling across the surface.  Some bigger fellas were moving in.

It was then that I noticed a juicy looking worm sliding through the wet grass.  I grabbed the slitherer and stuck him on the hook.  Moments later the float sunk sharply, popped up again and then vanished.  A quick strike and a huge swirl.  Something big was on the end.  It plodded about, possibly unaware that it was hooked.  The line slow went out as I gently gave some resistance.  I stayed in this weird stalemate for a good 5 minutes.  I had to be careful as I only had 4ib line.

Slowly the lump could be towed towards me.  It was a very slow and delicate operation.  But eventually (with Jases's kind help with the landing net) he was safely banked.  What an absolute stonker.

A new PB! 12.5ibs.

Jase meanwhile was looking a bit peaky and decided to sit it out for a bit.

Zombie infection taking hold

I recomposed myself and carried on fishing.  sing caster and dead maggot... Except they werent dead. Or were they?  Zombie maggots rising from the grave.  Frozen for a week.  Now they had become The walking dead, wriggling around in their tupperware cage.  Absolutely creepy.

Dead or not I piled em in and more Skimmers obliged.

Then the float sunk heavily.  This fish was mad and tore off towards the island.  Then into the near bank, then out into open water.  I thought I had lost it after developing a knot in the line which made the line stick to the rod eyes but it somehow didnt snap.

10ibs on the nose.

I had a bit of a run at this point with a little diddler and a bigger 6ib'er.

Notice my nervous smile.  Jase was turning a bit rotten.

At this point Jase had joined the undead maggots and was looking like he might need to feast on the flesh of the living.  Guarding myself with a slimy landing net I watched as the newest member of the walking dead slowly packed away and shambled off home.

Meanwhile I began catching on the feeder with a very strong litte F1 and a not so strong but larger Bream.

skimmers were out in force with 20+ caught.  Some to about 1ib.  Plus some bonus proper Bream.

 A few Dustbin lids

These litle F1s fight like hell!

I keep saying that I must go on a different lake but I love the busy fishing on Match Lake, plus there are some hefty fish in there.  All in nice and tranquil surroundings disturbed only by noisy Mallards, high pitched Kingfishers and the groans of the walking dead.

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