Wednesday, 29 November 2017

60 Minute Makeover

I haven't been doing too well of late.  The last two sessions were blanks.  BUT I did encounter a large Pike which shot out of know where and so nearly connected with my lure.  I jumped a bloody mile!  It was a massive adrenaline rush and I really want to go at it again.

However I decided that I would make a flying trip to Lydford Millstream for some small Chub and maybe a Roach or two.  I literally ran out of work fully aware that

a) There wasnt much light left.  By the time I got there it would be around 60 minutes (Just like Claire Sweeney)

b) The wife would put me in the dog house if I was gone too long

Now, all was going well until I got out the car and pulled my rod out (oh er!) only to find the very top section to be snapped - bloody hell.

I decided to fish anyway.  The Mill Pond was really raging and very full.  Nevertheless I thought I would give it a bash.  I had some dead maggots (really dead this time).  I chucked a few in along with a bit of leftover groundbait.

10 mins in the float buried

 Quite a nice looking chap.

I then got the odd little knock but detecting bites in the flow was quite hard and the light was failing.  Nevertheless I got one more cheeky chappy.

A tiddler but still a welcome fish

Then the phone went. The Boss.

She wasnt aware I was out fishing and she wanted me to pick up my daughter from swimming (a change to the original bill).  I calmly informed her of my location and that I would be at the pool in 20 odd minutes.

I did arrive a bit late and she was already there.  I knew the Doghouse was calling.  I'm still in it at the moment (24 hours later) as I write this.  Who knows if I will ever get out?

I blame Claire Sweeney for encouraging me to complete my fishing session in 60 minutes...

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