Monday, 6 November 2017

Be Careful Not To Choke On Your Aspirations...

Winter time appears to be slowly gaining a grip.  This is good and bad in my humble opinion.  The water gets colder and many fish switch off and go into Stand By mode.  But not all of them do. In my humble experience Chub, Perch, Roach and Bream will still feed.  Along with the big bad boy Mr Pike.

Today I tried Pike fishing for the first time and failed.  I went to the North Drain on the lovely Somerset Levels.  Just last week I was catching some top quality Rudd.  This week...

The rain had fallen heavily overnight - something I should have thought bout.  The drain was the colour of dairy milk chocolate and was actually flowing (it doesnt normally).

I pitched in a ledger with some maggots on the end and my carp rod had a dead roach slapped on the end (frozen and bought from the shop - club rules and all).

Then, nothing happened not even on the ledger - last week it was non stop.  I waited...

BLEEEEPP the alarm went off.  I nearly fell off my box and struck immediately into nothing.  Bugger.

Still I was still excited and plugged away a bit longer.  My Pike aspirations on high alert.

More time passed and I decided to move down the drain a bit.  ANother fisherman got chatting with me and he hadnt had anything.  Not good.

To be honest I had far too much stuff to lug about, tripods, rods, cameras.  I was bloody exhausted.  To cut a long story short I caught absolutely nothing.

I didn't give up though.  Next spot was Wallyers Bridge at Baltonsborough.  The last time I fished here must have been about 1997!  It to was the colour of chocolate and the water was pushing through at quite a rate.  

Using the quiver was difficult because of the heavy flow.  But it stopped a blank...

Its a Pike!!! (Smaller than the dead bait I was using)

I noticed opposite quite a bit of disturbance with little fish flying everywhere and large plops in the water.  I put my dead bait out towards it but again was unrewarded.

Still I was intrigued and crossed the bridge, broke out my new drop shot rod.  I didnt use a lure but a little float with red maggots.  Bites came thick and fast.  I missed most of them.  But the ones I did get led to a Dace the size of my middle finger and 3 Minnows.  Yes Minnows.  I didn't get any photographic evidence of these as my camera was on the bank opposite and I cant use the Force to move objects.  But I guess most readers would probably except my less than amazing haul.  Whatever was there had either gone or was full up on little fish already.

Wallyers on a much calmer day

Time was getting on and I thought I might quickly try the River Sheppey on the way back.  This was running really fast and unusually was very brown.  Normally the water is very clear.  My float was shooting along like a little Usain Bolt.  I tried a few spots without any success.

Lessons learned - if its rained a lot it might be better to go to a stillwater.  Travel light on the river. It saves so much effort!

My aspirational target of a Pike was well and truly missed.  But I'm not going to choke on my aspirations.  I will give it another go soon.

Meanwhile in other news...

He has only gone and landed a 31ib Carp...
Well done once again to Jase "The Carp" White

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