Monday, 6 November 2017

Big Daddy

Saturday saw Jase "The Carp" and Brother-In-Law head over to a Somerset lake he has been visiting for a few weeks.  A little while back he netted a 24ib Carp.  But this time he was going bigger - much bigger!

31ibs and a bit! Second biggest fish in the place!

Here is Jases account:

Bait (Boilie) was left out nearly all day.  I decided not to reel it in. I noticed the line slowly kiting across the lake and decided to strike into it.  Fight lasted 15 ish mins - slow and plodding but when it broke the surface near in, I saw its shoulders and started bricking it!  Luckily it was netted and nailed with a barbless hook - Well chuffed!

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