Thursday, 2 November 2017

Down the Drain

Well, Winter is starting to grip its icy tendrils across the land.  The fishing will get harder.  But I dont hang up my rods over the cold months - I just end up blanking more...

This is the time that the rivers around my way are coming into their own.  During the summer months most stretches are clogged with weed and run pretty shallow making the fishing very difficult.  However all of that weed is dying back now making life an awful lot easier.

With this in mind I headed to Somerset's North Drain.  I even had a new rod and new style of fishing I have never tried - The quivertip.

I wasnt really sure what the best rig would be for a quiver so I went really simple and fitted on a small line through bomb and fixed it in place with a couple of small shots.  I then left about 8cms to the hook on which I impaled some hapless red maggots.  I catupulted a small handful in for good measure.  Then I cast over the top.  The drain is narrow at this point so casting isnt a massive deal.

Not a lot happened for a while.  Luckily it was sunny and its very picturesque so I wasnt too worried.

Then the tip yanked to the right and I struck in.  There was some resistance at the end.  Initially I thought it might be a Perch but...

A beautiful Rudd.  The photo doesnt do him justice.  
He was hovering around the 1ib mark.

But it wasnt quite the end.  A further few Rudd chomped down the maggots plus a few bonus Roach.  

 Another beaut, bit smaller but still great.

 Its not an atom bomb - its just the sun

A few bonus Roach always welcomed

I really enjoyed the quiver and will certainly be doing it again.  Its worth going down the drain for.

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