Monday, 13 November 2017

To The Manor Born

I have heard a lot about Todber Manor so on a very wet and windy Saturday I thought I would pay a visit.  The journey took far longer than it should have done, due to the sat nav taking me through a variety of small housing estates and minor B roads.

Eventually I made it.  From the off it was clear this was a very slick operation with a nice shop and helpful owners.  I was advised to try Hill View lake, so I did.

Luckily you can drive pretty much up to your peg.  Unfortunately the wind was gathering more strength and was carrying a fair bit of rain.  2 chaps had set up with their backs to the wind, but I couldnt do this.  Sideways on was the best I could manage.  I tried for about 45 mins bit life in the rain and wind was difficult so I packed up and headed backwards to Firs lake.  Much more sheltered, Firs is only little but I was happy enough.

I flung in a few zombie maggots (back from the dead once more) along with a small ball of ground bait into the margin to my right and I cast my float rod over the top with a bunch of red maggots.  I then flung the method feeder over to the far bank, close to the reeds.

I was aiming at the far bank with the method

There was a wait of about 20 minutes, then the float vanished.

Saved from the blank

Then the method rod started bouncing about madly

The start of many...

I got quite a nice rhythm going catching on the float and feeder.  The smallest Carp I have ever caught - a PB (kind of)

One for Anglers Mail Carp section :-)

Meanwhile the sounds of barking dogs and blaring horns filled the air.  Hundreds of ducks flew over panicked by the din.  On the horizon posh people rode on galloping horses.  I hoped that there wasn't a little ginger dog being chased down and pulled apart.

Back to the fishing and many, many baby carp were caught.  Here are a few of them.

I like this one the best

So, I will definitely come back to Todber Manor, perhaps when the weather is a bit better.  There are loads of lakes and plenty to get your teeth into.

Hopefully Tarquin and the other 'To the manor born' lot won't be thundering around next time round.

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