Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Waiting for The Drop

The post round my way is bloody awful.  Sometimes the Postman doesn't get round till 3.00pm!

It is always made doubly worse when you are waiting for something cool.  The cool thing was a dropshot rod.  It was an NGT Dynamic (I think thats what its called).  I really like NGT products.  They are very well priced and offer good quality as well.

Anyway the post did eventually arrive and the rod was duly handed over.  I had paired this with a cheap spinner reel from Ebay.  The reel looks great, much more expensive looking than the £8.50 I paid for it.  It looked even better with a nice green braid wrapped round it.  I was well pleased.

Oh, i forgot I attached a dropshot weight to the bottom and a rubber lure on the hook.  Job done.

Now I needed to go somewhere.  For some unknown reason I headed to Edney Farm tucked away in the little village of Mells. Now this place is really hard to find.  Once I actually got there I almost ended up fishing in  a pond on someones front lawn.  True story.  The fellow was very gracious but said I couldnt fish in his pond and the lakes were back up the drive. Oh dear.

It was a pretty cold day and soggy as well.  Nobody was about except a battered white caravan.  It was all a bit still and ... creepy.  I was quite concerned that Leatherface might come charging out of the caravan wielding his chainsaw.

I kept an eye out - just in case.

There were 2 lakes.  One was very clear and the water was also very shallow.  It wasnt really very fishable if Im honest.  Then the was the other lake which looked more promising.  The water was a bit less clear and the odd little fish was coming to the surface.

Looks great here but the water was about 10 inches deep 

More promising

I was aiming for Perch from the off.  My favourite fish.  I chucked in a method feeder with a fat worm on the end and starting drop shotting.  The lure looked so good in the water.

2 hours went by and I had one bite and 1 Perch follow the lure but he didnt clamp his gob round it.

The owner came along and said that it wasnt fishing well anymore.  Not good.  In its heyday 100ibs would be fairly common.  Indeed Jase "The Carp" said he had spent many a happy hour down here in his youth.  Unfortunately I got the impression that it was a shadow of its former self.

I kept going.  I was a bit more aggressive with the feeding.  Chopping up some worms and plopping them in.  It worked.  Only little Perch but I was still happy.  Most importantly I had one on the lure.  My first ever!

He might be little but I was thrilled!

All his mates fell for the chopped lobworm

Its not exactly impressive but I still enjoyed it and have got the bug for drop shotting. 

I really hope the fishery will regain its former glory one day.

P.S :

I couldnt wait for the drop and tried South drain a few days later.  I caught exactly nothing. But I did lose 2 Perch (one fell off in mid air) and I watched one following my lure.  I also got chatting to a lure angler doing stuff similar to me (except he knew what he was doing).  He very kindly gave me a lure to try, although I still didnt catch anything. BUT I really enjoyed the mobility.  No box, no groundbait. I could go all over the place!

Now Im waiting for the drop once more...

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